The Successfully Decluttering Story

Hello guys. How is everything? It’s been almost 2 months since my last post, so in terms of blogging, I am getting more productive, lol.

Oh, how have I been? Lots! For instance, we moved again to a new place. We were trying to find a new place for maybe a year. But then we found it at probably the best time. Since early February, we moved not far from the previous place.

From our previous moving time, I was in my third period of pregnancy and was overwhelmed with things we need to pack (aside from the feeling to just lie in bed all the time). I realized how much stuff I have that wasn’t necessary to keep being packed again and cluttering the space we need. It’s just silly to think of wasting time, energy and space just for all these stuff I don’t need.

When we finally have the chance to move, I know it’s time to declutter. I read some tips about it online, all recommend to sell, donate or throw away some things we don’t need. The strict ones like Swedish way (which is just to get rid of all stuff you don’t need without hesitation) definitely have my eye (and salute!) but I just couldn’t do it totally like that.

I have loads of clothes decluttering my closet, some of them I sold and sell (still), loads I gave to relatives and broken one I threw and reuse them to clean. In the end, I have more room in my closet (yay!).

Sold some of my old stuff on an online site/app dedicated for used stuffs. But some precious ones still in one of my boxes.

I also gave some old baby clothes to my relative who just have a baby. Some of my husbands shirts as well.

Hubby gave away old bike to friend and people who helped us move. (yes unfortunately we are not bike people)

In the end, it feels good to let those stuff out, so we can focus on things we do wear and use.

I actually join a group online focusing on borrowing things we have for others, but we also can barter for other things. I am currently interested to give/renting my warm/sweater/thick jacket since my city is not that cold and mostly sunny.

Maybe you don’t realize just how this decluttering thing is such a progress for a ‘keeper’ like me! Since young, I like to keep stuff because it has sentimental value or because ‘I might use it one day’. But when you move a lot, it’s not easy to carry them around. Plus, your house has more space.

There’s such a relief losing the stuff you don’t need, even more pleasant when the people you give feels happy having them. I think you need to be responsible with the things you have, don’t keep the things you don’t use.

Good night! Thanks for reading. Have you ever declutter or thinking to declutter?


Photography: Trying on VSCO Photo Filter ‘recipe’

Hey guys, forget me yet? Ahah. I know it’s been a (long) while. and you probably have guessed that I am busy being a mom. At the same time today (not planning this at all), it’s mother’s day.

I won’t post quotes about motherhood or any dedicated post about mom and my mother. I am appreciating mother role more than ever. I just think that everyday could be a mother’s day and you should appreciate mothers single everyday. 

My son is now 19 months and quite active. He’s starting to do one-word communicating which is great. He loves his ball and kicking them. He is also the object of my photos on Instagram.

I’ve been quite fond of trying VSCO photo filter application on my phone and trying their ‘recipes’. They are quite addictive to make!

source: Pinterest

It made me want to take pictures more. I am quite preoccupied with my daily activity as a mom and wife, so this kind of take me back to my ‘root’ that loves photography. I also used my old unpublished pictures and considering trying them on the published ones. 

This isn’t the first time I saw the VSCO ‘recipes’ but I figured it’s not for me. But having them actually makes things better. I always love digital coloring and sometimes want my pictures to look in a certain color or atmosphere but fail to execute them. Now all I have to do is find the recipe on Pinterest and look for the atmoshere I want. Of course you must realize your own photo composition and lighting, because the result can be different.

But not all recipes are available on the original VSCO that you can download for free. Some is charged. I always pick the free ones and they aren’t bad ūüôā 

Look up my instagram feed if you want to see more of my pictures.

Anyway, how was your day? And have you tried VSCO before?

what have I been watching

whazzuuup.. surprise, surprise, the busy mom has a little time to write. After the drama rollercoaster I have today, best to focus on things I am excited about.  Didn’t feel like doing anything but I decided to talk about some shows and movie I have watched.

What have I been watching lately…or have finished?

  • The Office (whole season). The series has its ups and downs but I loved it anyway. Too bad Steve Carell appeard weak and too little on the finale episode. 
  • Younger (still on season 3). Caught it on iflix and hooked. But I found out late that I watched the season 2 first so that’s a bit weird.
  • Madame Bovary. Didn’t plan to watch it until one bored hour I saw Mia Wasikowska in the opening. Enjoyed the performances, especially Mia and Ezra Miller. Good for Wasikowska finally taking adult roles, not as a teen anymore. But a bit disappointed with the plain ending. As a wife, I can get that waiting for husband all day (especially on old times and small towns) can be very dreading. Back then divorce probably not an option and perhaps a couple of best friends can help the misery away. I personally still think Wasikowska felt still a bit too ‘green’ as a bored wife, but can’t get any other actress in mind who can play Emma Bovary (except young Kirsten Dunst or Amy Adams).
  • Take a little peek of Riviera starring Julia Stiles, looks good and intense but since I can’t watch with the baby around (too vulgar) Haven’t finished the first episode. Stiles was awesome.

    Anyhow, that’s all for now. Baby still asleep. Have a great week!

    Updates, updates

    Hey guys, it’s been soooo long.. going to make it a bit short and effective. Last time I wrote long, something’s in the way and I left it on the drafts section too long. I’ve been missing blogging. 

    • My kid is now 9 months and ever since he started to eat solids, my time can get more crowded. But love his growth and progress
    • Since I did not want to bother you about babies and all (or did you?), I have other blog about my motherhood and my baby, with Indonesian language. Be sure to check it out! 
    • It’s the first time I did not care too much for the Oscars, as before I tend to religiously watch the nominees. Not that I completely not curious, I’d love to watch La La Land. But I noticed that after the whole Jada Pinkett Smith protest, is that this year it’s a bit more diverse with the movies and actors.
    • I noticed that my post ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ got many attention, especially since someone pinned the challenge on Pinterest. Got to straight this thing, I just want to say I don’t create the challenge but rather follow it from another blogger. Thanks and I am happy people loved it! 
    • Baby now loves to stand with holding anything, I think he is going to stand and walk a bit soon (yay! And watch out for things…uh). 
    • My Youtube history now is baby contrast animations, mainly to train his eyes and also to calm him down. The little man can be quite clingy, especially with his teeth growing. 
    • I’ve been watching Episodes from first episode, but realized that the fifth season will be out just this year and it will be the last. 
    • Also been watching Big Bang Theory from the start.
    • Ummm, what else? Just more baby stuffs to do.

    That’s all for now! What’s up with you?

    Do Nothing

    Sometimes all you have to do…is nothing.

    With now the baby nearly 8 months and can’t wait to explore the world now he can almost stand alone, you just can’t sit and relax. Do not talk to me about errands. The house probably reached clean state for only several seconds. But tried my best not to get it dirty.

    Exhausted, drained, body aches for moving around with the baby and not with the baby (always something to do), you forget that just doing nothing is actually okay.

    For you perfectionists..or women, it is hard to do nothing while there are errands to do. But sometimes it is necessary to leave it alone…for the sake of your mind. No, so what if you should clean now when the baby is asleep? You should be with your own mind for a little bit. 

    Yes sometimes we can ourselves underrated our own needs. And just shut your ears when people talk. When people understand, they understand. 

    Tomorrow, surely is another day. 

    So how’s your day?