Introducing : SunGlow & Me!

neil young

Hello, hello. First post ever in SunGlow & Me, which is my very own personal blog. Why the name SunGlow & Me? Well, I was searching for a perfect blog name and domain. I like the idea of naming it after my favorite song. So I started to browse my most played songs. One of them is the song Heart of Gold by Neil Young. It is one of the most simple yet positive song I’ve ever heard of. But I still don’t like to use it as my blog title. Out of ideas, I started to search for name of colors. I love many of them, but eventually I feel like I should use the name Sunglow, which is one of the yellow colors. The word sun and glow look very harmonious together, and I added a little personal word ‘me’ in it. And voila, I got it!

Oh, the real reason why I started my own personal blog? I’ve got a couple of them, but eventually I grew a couple years old(er) and felt that those blogs doesn’t suit my world anymore. I’ll be writing about my thoughts, about many things. Places, experiences, ramblings, reviews, and anything. I hope this blog last. I also have another blog, dedicated to movie reviews and writings.



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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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