New Single : Never Wanted Your Love (She & Him)

She & Him - Thieves press1

She & Him just released their new single from their third album! I’ve been waiting for their new songs ever since they released their Christmas album. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t relate. I had a thought that Zooey Deschanel will forget her indie band because of her schedule to New Girl, but apparently I was wrong! I’ll be waiting for their new album.

I’ve been listening to them thanks to the movie 500 Days of Summer, which have an amazing soundtrack. First, I disliked Zooey’s classic tone of vocals when she covered The Smith’s song. But I began to search for more of her songs and love them more instead. Never Wanted Your Love looks like will be a hit. What do you think of the song?


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2 thoughts on “New Single : Never Wanted Your Love (She & Him)”

  1. Congrats with the new blog! hmm, that track I don’t think is as good as the old stuff, maybe it will grow on me. I enjoyed the previous She & Him albums, so I will definitely give new Volume 3 album a listen.

    1. Thanks, Chris! Well I dislike it first time I heard the track, but the second it felt better. She & Him volume 3 is on my number 1 anticipated album now.

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