Ego and Fear

ego must go

Consequences. Is a word an adult very familiar of. If forgotten or denied, can create its own problems. Especially when people around you don’t bother to ask ‘why’ and just assume. Again, us humans are easily tempted by emotion and easily go for the shortcut, assume. If assumption is wrong, what’s left is another subjective thoughts. It can create a vicious cycle when you assume someone, and you assume them, and then create chaos. There’s no solution, when both sides are convinced that they are right and the other is wrong. What’s left is a problem you cannot fix.

What humans today are full of : ego. That three-word letter can rip apart relationship, even the strongest one and the one that last years. What is it about us human that have the big need to be respected? We can easily mad for the things that we don’t understand and we couldn’t relate, and so we fear them and create such assumption we don’t know whether it is true or not. And we create walls to protect ourselves, but it accidentally or purposely push our friends and closest ones. Why can’t we just be fair and honest, deal with them fair and square, lower our guards and see things as they were? Why do we let fear control us? And why do we judge, when no one include yourself, is perfect?

These ramblings I wrote was influenced by recent events that tangled myself, and I thought of it all as a mess that was caused by my own self. And as I wrote, I realized that there are bigger things than ego. They are friendship and happiness, peace and joy. Ego just screw our head and mess our lives. And I miss when my mind is free, from all hatred and ego, and fear and judgement. Honestly, freeing your mind includes freeing them from ego and image and judgement. If you can free it from them, then your heart is lighter. We don’t call ourselves adult when we don’t grow up and learn. Even being happy needs commitment and will, to free our souls from negativity.

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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

3 thoughts on “Ego and Fear”

  1. Freeing your mind from judgement, I like that mindset, but it’s difficult. It’s normal to worry.
    Easy to let the opinions of others influence your decisions. But you have to do what makes you happy.
    This clip helped me, especially the last bit:

    1. Thank you for the clip, Chris, and for the encouragement. Sometimes it’s hard to free your mind from people’s judgement, but you are right, we have to do what makes us happy.

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