Sometimes You Miss The Moments, and Not The Person

sometimes we miss the moments

There comes a time in your life, when your best friend or your hang out friends, don’t hang out as often. In fact, you plan on seeing each other or take a trip, but never happen. Even worse, you don’t even know them anymore. They become a person you used to know. And you, have your own life.

I’m actually having some social changes recently. I find the people I used to be close with aren’t the people I used to know. I don’t blame them, and I don’t blame myself. People just change. I’m not the same person 5 years ago. And we’re not like in high school anymore, where you get mad because your close friend have their own life. Changes are the only thing permanent in life. But just in between daily life, I remembered those times when all people were close and get along. No cliques or nothing divided. Like when you’re new in an environment, you met a group of fun people to hang with. You got close because you were all new in this environment and it’s nice to have some new friends. But just when you get to know them deeper and deeper, and years go by, sometimes it takes more to hold on to them. Like the quote; to get a friend, you close your one eye, to hold on to a friend, you close your both eyes. Some friends are worth fighting for, worth for you to maintain the relationship. Some just aren’t worth the time.

Still though, you cherish the moments when you are close to them. Attending events together like going to a concert, sharing secrets and all. But what know? You both realize you shared different values. It’s okay for some people, but for some other, after realizing that, you can’t be as close as before.

I’m lucky enough that after 5 years passed in an environment, I still have a best friend to hold on. I value the relationship more than my ego. And perhaps, we can still be best friends because we choose to be a bigger person. So bye-bye, old pal and let’s carry on, BFF.


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