What’s Going On : Early May Chaos & Ramblings on My Movie Blog


Chaos? Well I’m just looking for a cool title, sorry I fooled you 😀 What’s chaos was probably me fussing about Europe on Screen, thinking about the schedules and if I can keep up with it. I rather not have much activities at evening, but most of the movies I want to see will be on 07.30 pm. Perhaps the themes are most suitable for adult, but what can I say? I am a movie blogger, I can’t stand knowing that there’s a free screening of good movies in the city. After JIFFEST, Europe on Screen is one of the most awaited film festival in Jakarta. And in between, I should lower my other needs to do anything else. Did I told you that I actually took a week day off just to see this event? Yup, I’m that serious and sometimes I actually can’t believe I’m that serious.

One loyal reader said to me this week, “You actually reviewed movies in English and bought a domain for it. That’s really cool.”

And I said to him, “Sometimes I can’t believe I can be that serious.”

Yup, Inspired Ground was born because I just went for it. I didn’t even tell my closest friends. I actually have been quite selective on telling friends that I do have a site dedicated for movies. I do think they could never have guess (or support) that I can do such things, because not many people know that I’m more expressive on writing. And I was not the most fluent kid on English class.

My mom actually commented on how I watched Brave alone in the cinema, as a waste of time. My Dad said to me, after I told him I want to see a film festival for a week (and I could go home late), “Do you really need to see that film festival?” I didn’t expect they’d understand my love for movies, but that’s just enough reasons why I didn’t told them about my movie blog. But it’s a part of me now. I don’t know if I can go on sometimes, because I feel there more pressure than before. I can’t really rant on like this on that blog, because I feel that it’s a room only for recommending movies. And sometimes it added more pressure.


Some people in the local (and outside) movie industry followed my blog, some friends of mine also know, and follow the twitter and facebook. And some of them actually have been influenced by it, they have their own taste (I loved drama and cult movies, but some of them love Nolan and Marvel superheroes). Some people thanked me for recommending a movie, one person in Netherland once said that she was grateful because she read my review about Lovely Man that was screened in her city and she loved the movie. That’s actually an enough reward of writing a review. Meeting other bloggers and felt like meeting old friends, such a delight. Blogging turned out to be a great thing for me.

But lately, I felt the pressure and I don’t know if it’s just me and a lot have been going on with my life lately, that I rarely recommend/review a movie. I actually only gave The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Silver Linings Playbook only a mini review (time was such a challenge), both end up being in my top 10 movie in 2012. I saw several movies, some of them was praised by critics, and my respond was just, “Yeah, it’s okay.” Or, “I don’t really get it.”

Something did hit me when I saw Nicky’s Family yesterday. The documentary was about an Englishman rescued 669 kids away from World War II. I wasn’t on my best mood when I watched it as first, but in the end I cried seeing the rescued kids (now average 40-50 years old) thanked the man that rescued them. I was inspired. That man didn’t do it to get an award and all (he didn’t told his wife after years of marriage), until his wife found a scrapbook full of rescued children information.

I thought to myself, this is why I blog. You can feel crappy when the movie started, but you can feel inspired and joyful in the end. That’s what good movies do to you. Now I know if I can have the full energy to review most of the time, but I will when I can. The real reason why I blog is because I was addicted to the feel of fulfillment of helping others and the feel of enlightened. Sometimes statistics, the post schedules and putting ads just screwing the purpose. Maybe I should just put the ads down (?). I probably need to sort some stuff before I can blog like before, but in the mean time, I am still an avid movie lover inside.



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2 thoughts on “What’s Going On : Early May Chaos & Ramblings on My Movie Blog”

  1. That’s pretty nice you get free screenings, and even nicer to have a week off! You said you needed a holiday 🙂
    I agree quite a few of the awards movies this season were overhyped, for me, Argo, ZD30, Holy Motors, SL Playbook & Amour are “just okay”. (I know you liked last two I mentioned). Haven’t seen Les Mis or Lincoln, but heard they are mediocre. But they have to give awards to something, right?

    1. Yup, the festival is free. So many people now, the hype is bigger than last year. I am now feeling unwell, I think because of the night screening.

      I can’t stand watching Lincoln and Les Mis. I tried to watch Lincoln twice, but superbored. I know, they have something special. Just no fun to watch for me, ahah.

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