Fave Scenes : How I Met Your Mother

I remember the first time I saw How I Met Your Mother. I was cynical about it, and I actually didn’t really care when my sis told me it’s the new Friends series. But after a while watching it with my sister, I thought the series have a little more sentimental value. Not just funny, but actually slipped a little wisdom here and there.

I still keep up the latest episode, but it’s not a surprise anymore that the series grew tired. I think it waited too long to tell the stories of how Ted going to meet his wife/the mother of his children. And somehow the jokes and twists are too trained or something, that it felt tasteless. I personally loved season 4, where Ted got left at the altar. But after season 6-7 it just got weirder and lack of surprise. Perhaps also lack of something fresh, even with some guest stars. I sure hope next season they can get a new formula or something. But in the mean time, here’s few of my favorite scenes and quotes from the series :














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