Random Thoughts #2 : Phoenix & Wet Summer

Hello, hello. It’s a nice sunny day here in Jakarta, and I am writing this feeling grateful because I’m feeling better because yesterday I got sick. Aside from my insensitivity to my body condition, the weather here is just like a girl-on-pms mood. Sunny in the morning, raining in the afternoon. Or the opposite. Which makes me have to bring a jacket, umbrella and shawl everytime. But here I am now writing in this blog again after some time. Here’s my random thoughts about today’s events around me :

  • I’ve been listening to Phoenix’s Bankrupt, and I loved it. What’s great with Phoenix songs is, while it may heard as emotionless, it’s that factor that makes us can hear it in every mood. And, it’s beat and rhythm pretty easygoing and easy to hear so, great job Phoenix! I currently love the song Bourgeois.
  • I also have been listening to She & Him’s Volume 3, which is their latest album. I liked it, but not loved it. I seem to love their previous songs like I Was Made For You and In The Sun. But some songs are good to hear. I love Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me and Turn To White.
  • Have you watched She & Him’s I Could’ve Been Your Girl? Not an outstanding hit, but pretty nice. I love her dress here.
  • New Girl Season 2 has ended. I felt that in general I love Season 1 more, though I love Nick and Jess love relationship started.
  • Good management, is how Zooey Deschanel started her band’s tour and shows after New Girl Season 2 has ended. Following their updates, they keep appearing in TV Shows and doing tours inside America. How possible can they hold a concert in Asia, say Indonesia? I’m probably one of the 50 hardest fans people here. I don’t think that their songs aren’t likeable, it just what happens with indie bands are they pretty segmented.
  • I’ve posted some changes that happened to me in 2013. Seems like there’s a new one soon. I’m preparing one and yeah I think it’s going to be a good thing to me. Don’t worry, I’ll post the updates.
  • Last night as an effort to keep me not thinking of my sickness and the fact that I have to be in bed, I took one book that I bought sometime around new year. It’s Life of Pi novel, Indo translation. Well, it’s pretty nice to read. I just read about 20 pages, but I learn more about zoo and animals for sure.

  • Speaking of book, I really want to read One Day novel. Yes, it’s that movie with Anne Hathaway’s bad British accent. I discovered a little greatness from the story, because of my friend’s blogathon about positive reviewing a movie that we don’t like.
  • Back to weather issue here in my city. They called it ‘musim kemarau basah’ or in English, wet summer. It’s because of global warming. It should’ve been summer all day now, but there’s always rain sometime in the day.
  • Those ads when you click youtube link, and they appear, are annoying.
  • I recently read this post, and was moved. You know when you’re a child, you watch fairy tales and wish it happens to you. And then you grow up and realize, it’s just a story. But then you read that kind of story (or perhaps experienced it yourself) and think, ‘Yeah, miracles do happen.’ I called it fairy tale, because Brad Pitt is a gorgeous man and Angelina Jolie is not only pretty, but also generous and devoting mother. Looks like a picture perfect, while there’s still work to make it happen.

Okay, that’s all for random thoughts now. Must rest again. ‘Til we ‘meet’ again!



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sunglow mama

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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #2 : Phoenix & Wet Summer”

  1. Bourgeois is a good choice, I need to listen to that album again. Currently I’m putting together a top 30 songs of 2013 (so far), to be posted soon.
    Cute video for I Could’ve Been Your Girl.
    Yep, agree youtube ads are annoying. Hope you got over your sickness.

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