Goo Goo Dolls, SATC & Wedding

So I’m not exactly having the best week. It’s tiring to ride the emotional roller coaster. Trying to get off from it, but it seems like a challenge. When you do, make sure you have your safety net. I’m glad someone really special dedicated this song for me while I’m not doing so well :

Talking about Goo Goo Dolls, I’ve finally listened to their whole new album, Magnetic. And it’s very decent, brighter than usual but still Goo Goo Dolls. And, following their updates, I know that the band appeared in 90210 singing Rebel Beat. While the series ended, the band rocked. And, I also discovered that one man proposed using the band’s new song, Come To Me, rented a theater to show it to his girl 🙂 There’s one song that quite moved me called Last Hot Night. If they still can moved me, than the band still have their magic.

When you have a bad day, sometimes you need to have a good movie to keep you neutral. Well I have my own and it’s usually Jerry Maguire (1996). This time I passed it for some reasons, and I think it’s nothing have to do with real life inspiration of Jerry Maguire, Leigh Stenberg, filed for bankruptcy. Perhaps because I found Sex & The City in the sale section, so I decided to watch it the same day at night. Now before you accused me to be lame, I have a thing for girly friendship movies, like Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. But there’s something really true about SATC the movie. Some movies does that for you, while others can’t help but hate. Well, I can’t blame you.


While I read in HelloGiggles that it’s unrealistic for Carrie Bradshaw to even can buy Manolo Blahnik shoes too much, these women have wisdom to sow. One thing very obvious, is to never got married because of the image or because you think you have to. Believe it or not, the purpose determines the result. Always to have nice support from your best friends. The real ones, not the fake. Invite the people you’d like to see in your wedding, because you know them closely. The culture in my country is that one wedding isn’t just for the couple, but also the family. So that means, your parents almost definitely should invite their colleagues and friends. If not, they’d feel offended. How I wish I’d marry privately first like Lily and Marshall in HIMYM outdoor with only few close friends see us. Maybe SATC the movie is just one fairy tale for girls to see, but it has some real parts.

(Spoiler alert, read at your own risk) I personally loved the ending where they just get married in a city hall, Carrie only wear her white blazer she got from sale and afterwards they have meal in a simple diner. Not too as fancy as the movie represents. But no, I did not like the sequel. Period.

I admit that getting married is one of my biggest wish for happen soon, but sometimes doubt sneaks out like a ghost, while all you have to do is take a leap. This just my recent thought that if we really want something, then the whole universe conspire to help us making it. Maybe my downs this week is a part of them, and will help me get going to the destination I wish 🙂







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