Dear 20-Year-Old Me

Here I am minutes away of being 30 years old. The big 3, leaving my twenties. I’ve been meaning to post a letter to my 20-year-old self, much like Marshall did in How I Met Your Mother. I never actually written anything before to myself, future or old me. But fantasy-wise, if my 20 year old can receive a letter from me now, this is what she’ll read :

Dear 20-Year-Old Me,

I know you are now struggling in college. Those assignments, competitive friends and forced to be independent are surely rough. And I know you wish you have a better situation with your family. But, I think you should know, that all of that lead to a better you. You’ll be able to overcome years ahead with boys, and creative tasks surely an easy work for you. What you will learn, is your work mentality.

There will be friends that will still be your best friend up until now, they are surely a keeper. Even you have some years apart not be able to meet or talk to each other, they are there to listen to your shitty problems. There is a friend that you have known since you’re a teenager will be one of your greatest best friend. And, this is a toughy, there’s one that looks like your best friend, but ended up not to be. Just remember, to be your own self, and not afraid to be. Because if you dare enough to be you, the right people will come to you naturally.

As for boys, don’t worry. All of those heartbreaks and miserably treated will prepare you for the real thing. He’s a stand out and you don’t have to pretend to be someone cool, smart or witty. Being you is enough to make him love you.

Families and relatives are a great support. But remember, everything that is a habit and tradition aren’t necessarily the right thing.

I know you’re still struggling to find your place in the world. And that’s natural for a 20-year-old. In your late 20s, you’ll watch a TV series called Girls, and you will be glad you are over that times. Don’t be too ambitious, as image and prestige eventually will wear out. Just do what makes you joy and happy, and you will find it and feel secure with it by the time you are 25. Your love for movies will grow and take you to see some new friends.

Don’t be afraid with new challenges and out from your comfort zone. Meet as many new people, go to a lot of places and experience a lot of things. It’s your time. Go everywhere and make every decision whole heartedly. Just make every second count.

I love you and take it easy. There’s no one who’s being a great job being you that you (ah, like that wisdom quote in Pinterest, oh you’ll love Pinterest). Take care, and you’ll be okay.



Published by

sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

3 thoughts on “Dear 20-Year-Old Me”

  1. A belated happy 30th! Yep, I remember I looked back on my 20s, when I turned 30.

    Donโ€™t have to pretend to be someone, and do what makes you happy, agree with that.

    Your love for movies will grow and take you to see some new friends. Me too!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I actually can’t believe I’m 30 now. Back when I was a teen, 30 is like a serious age. But now I just feel, well, me ahah. Here’s for being 30

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