Random Thoughts #3

Last random thoughts was on last year’s June! Has it been a year already? I would never thought I’d be married writing them last year, though things were getting serious. That’s what life is, so random and unexpected like that. If not, then you’re not risking enough or on your comfort zone. What is new? Forgive my ramble :

  • Subscribing for a TV cable made me watch a whole lot of new TV series. My favorites now : Friends with Better Lives, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, Trophy Wife. I just can’t stop laughing. I still stop and watch Friends occasionally.
  • Also, now that I am a wife, I love trying new recipes. Therefore new cooking programs are my food too; Chef Michael’s Kitchen (love his kitchen, his casual method and friendly atmosphere), My Grandmother’s Ravioli (the personal touch, knowing a traditional recipe of a family and the jokes), Restaurant Takeover (from a bad restaurant to an upscale place and better food, just exciting to watch).
  • I also tried more recipes. I originally want to try more but times are challenging. Here are some I have made. My hashtag in instagram is #andinacooks. I wish I have better picture quality :



  • Still need to sharpen my cooking sense 😉 So far the obstacles is time and getting the right ingredients!
  • I think I had one of those perfectionist virus after the wedding. I want to get everything done perfectly, but of course considering I also work so my body can’t exactly handle all. Good thing I realize it now and just stop making everything perfect, because let’s face it, dishes and laundry won’t stop.
  • Movie-wise, I have not been a good movie lover since I can’t be as flexible as before going to the cinema. Maybe it’s good because sometimes people can get too much over something that is on trending. But what is the substance and the content? You might want to see a movie immediately over the hype, but you’ll forget the movie in less than a week.
  • Favorite 2014 movie at the moment, I’ll say Dawn of The Planet of The Apes and maybe Chef.
  • So sad with Robin Williams passed away. So unexpected. I’ve watched one of his last movies and it wasn’t good. Perhaps it wasn’t his best conscious to pick the movie in the first place. But I always love John Keating in Dead Poets Society.
  • I think I’ll write more about hijab in this very blog. Don’t be surprised 🙂
  • I really miss writing. But having someone in your room, when before it’s just you and the screen, can be a big change. I’m sure maybe in time I’ll get use to it.
  • What I am looking forward now? A change, desperately. Some aspects in my life need change, because it doesn’t fit anymore. Well I hope you can keep up.

Thoughts anyone?


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sunglow mama

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