10 Things That Make Me Really Happy ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #1

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Okay, my first post of this challenge. Things that make me really happy :

1. Giving

Well, I’m not exactly a charity worker or Mother Theresa. But I find myself, when I give to some people that in need, I feel sense of joy. We should give something outside of national holiday, like Ied Fitri or Christmas. But even when I pick someone a gift for their day, or birthday, sometimes I measure to fit their personality. I discovered that I am pretty perfectionist on giving birthday gifts, mostly because I love the person and I’ll give an item that will they use or they feel happy with.

2. Traveling

I am a home person, but I love learning new culture and places. Especially when they are gorgeous. Next to that, I love taking the pictures and meeting local people with their hospitality. It’s like opening a brand new book you never know exist. It’s mind opening.

3. Hanging Out with Close Friends & Family

This is an obvious point, a common thing. You will most definitely pick to hang out with your best friend and family you’re close with. You clicked and have the same view on things. You enjoy each other company. Between work and errands, catching up with people you love will definitely refresh your mind. Laughing, connect and listen to each other’s rambling 🙂

4. Writing From My Soul

Well, if you love to blog, you love writing. And some writings need to come out from your chest, bursting and needed to be out in the open. Writing from the heart just gives definite joy. It will make me happier when people like it, and if my husband compliments it. It’s just lovely.


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5. Trying New Cooking Recipe & It’s Delicious

So, after I have my own kitchen, I have an access to myself to try just anything. And since I love to eat as well, ideas to cook just keep popping in my head. Hubby said, “I think you have a gift.” Ah! I could have a cooking blog, just for the sake of trying new recipe (new idea alert). Sadly, sometimes time is limited. But yes, I know if you really want to, you’ll work the time. The point is, trying new things like cooking and it turns out to be delicious, it’s just pure joy.

6. Be Inspired

Watching a movie, listening to a song, seeing a moment. Anywhere I can get an inspiration is beautiful. Surely, it’s a positive inspiration. A wake up call. Realizing something and going after it.

7. Gratitude

Yup, one recipe to be happy is to be grateful. You can’t get more from life if you keep complaining. In another way, if you feel grateful, you’ll feel lighter. And happier.

8. Be Good at Something I Care About

Back when I was in the last year of high school, I learned graphic design from a course. I feel creative and I know the tools. I feel happy for being good at something I learn. Then, when I was 25, I decided to make a movie blog. I just become a little obsessed by it. I googled how to make my site better. I watched more movies. Then I gained more blogger friends and have more community. It was exciting. Now, I do feel happy making good cookings 😀

9. Connect and Have Deep Talks

I never really a person who just hang out too much and laugh, and meet loads of new people just to do it again. I would rather sit in a corner and have deep conversation with someone. It’s great when you have a connection with someone and most likely you’ll remember each other more from that.

10. Marrying My Husband (Hopefully)

Meeting my husband is like a nice crash. I thought I have all my life figured out when he arrived and asked me to marry me. It was crazy but here we are. Sure, there are adjustments. And sure, there are tests and big waves. But after all that gone, it’s just rainbow and warm breeze. Over all, I surely hope marrying him will make me happy all my life (let’s hope so, amen!).

(bonus!) 11. Wearing Favorite Outfit

When you’re a girl (or not), wearing a favorite item sometimes gives confidence boost (if you look good in it) and so it make you happy. Whether it’s you’re good blazer, skirt, jeans or cute shoes 😉




What are the things that make you really happy?


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11 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Really Happy ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #1”

  1. Hi ! I totally agree with your fourth point. Writing cheers me up even when I am at my worse. I would also like to add ‘singing’ to your list. Whether I am sad or happy, singing lifts up my spirits. But that is just my opinion. 🙂

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