Someone Who Inspires Me ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #4


Day 3 : Write about someone who inspires you.

With so many icons, celebrities and famous people, you have to wonder which is the real inspiration or whether they are doing it just for the good image. There’s a lot of beautiful women in the world, but one who does have and can maintain their inner beauty are so few. For example, Audrey Hepburn. She’s still to me, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. She was humble and did charity work, love her quotes as well. And of course, her performances in movies.

But someone who inspires me today, is Nadya Hutagalung. If you don’t know her, she started her career early as a model. I know her first being a VJ in MTV Asia. She’s always have a calm and charismatic personality. She’s partly Indonesian like me, and part Australian.

nadya food
Nadya makes healthy food looks yummy

Years past, I remembered my sister mentioned that she developed a healthy lifestyle. She’s a vegetarian, and often posted her healthy meals (looking delicious) on instagram and her social media. She grows her own garden, a lesson from her mother, to grow food herself so she live independently. She thinks, “You are what you eat.” She is in her 40, but she looks 10 years younger.

Not just that, every photo or things she posted are carefully considered. Often says wise things and you can see how loving she is through pictures of her children (never full face, but captured perfectly somehow). One photo, described she did an afternoon walk with her daughter wearing only batik pants (considered a very casual and homey pants in Indonesia) and sandals. But even just with that, she’s still so beautiful.

Aside from being the host in Asia’s Next Top Model, she’s also a humanitarian. She doesn’t have air conditioner in her house. She put her kids in Green School Bali (a private kindergarten school close with nature and environment). She’s currently one of the founder of Let Elephants Be Elephants, a movement of saving elephants from ivory demand in Asia. There’s also a documentary with the same name.

To sum up, Nadya has everything what you called a high quality person. Obviously beautiful inside and out.  A loving mother, a professional model and humanitarian. More importantly, she makes me want to eat healthy food, not only because it looks yummy but the thought of looking as radiant as her is a good motivation.

(the healthy food pictures from Nadya’s instagram)


Any thoughts? Who inspired you today? And what makes you inspired?




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