5 Places I Want to Visit ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #5

It’s Day 5 already. It’s good to keep up writing and maintaining the energy. It does challenging when all you want to do is take a break and do other stuffs. But a challenge is a challenge. Today is about 5 places I want to visit. It changes overtime, but if you ask me now, these are the places I’m dying to visit. Since I love movies, most of my choices involved the countries I’ve seen through the motion pictures. More further, you can read below :



It does fictional, but J.K. Rowling can make such believable world of people with magic powers. All the little details include old and authentic buildings, with certainly British atmosphere. One of the top places to visit in England. The odd train station platform and magic shops, and of course the Hogwarts building. They also made the museum of the movie series, which certainly something worth visit.



I am also a fan of Ghibli films. Hayao Miyazaki and the team can make such strange and imaginative but adorable world. I think only Ghibli can make me feel like an 8 year old again everytime I watch their films. I have to complete watching all the films, but when I have the chance I should visit Ghibli Museum and take pictures with every icon they have.



I have been wanting to go to this place for years. Several films like Sisterhood of Traveling Pants and Mamma Mia! make me want to visit Greece, mainly because the colors of the sea and the contrast with their white village houses. The feel is certainly romantic and relaxing.



If you ask me which part of Indonesian I am, I am from Maluku. Moluccas is in the east side of the country, contains several big islands with little ones. East side of Indonesian known for great beaches, and that includes Moluccas. I think there’s no other feeling can replace the sense when I see the blue sea of Moluccas 3-4 years ago when I visit Ternate, North Maluku. It’s the bluest of blue and some beaches have three layers of color. The beauty is just beyond and gorgeous. But there are other quiet beaches that people don’t know much worth visiting. If you love seafood, the place is full with fresh ones.



I just bumped Paris for Raja Ampat. Since I love beaches, I think it’s crucial to visit great local beaches first. With the high price of just getting there and the heavenly scenery, I have big curiosity over the place. It’s one of the top visited place for travelers maybe even world wide.


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Readers, any thoughts? What’s your top places to visit?


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