5 Blessings in My Life ~ 30 Day Challenge #12

bright side

Day 12 ~ Write about five blessings in my life. It’s an excellent topic, though blessings are honestly a lot to just narrow it to just 5 items. I’m just going to pick my top blessings. But first things, the fact that we are now still breathing and have a perfect body figure and function is worth mentioning.

1. My experiences

When you reached 30, one of the biggest blessings are the life lessons you got from past experiences. From them, you know yourself, you know how to handle situations, and dealing with people. You’ve been to places, cities, events. You’ve been in a couple relationships knowing how you should be in relationship and what kind of relationship you want. Because without experience, we’re just new and practically like a baby. Still, doing new stuffs to gain more experiences always can be done.

2. Parents & Family

I won’t be here today writing without the existence of my parents. And, I won’t be writing if I don’t get the urge from myself, which came from them. I won’t be as great, without their prayers and push and discipline. I’m thankful for my mother’s good looks and her perfectionist personality (though it can be exhausting). I’m thankful for my father’s wise and good heart. I won’t be as tough, maybe, without the support of family and friends. I’m thankful for being close with my sisters. I’m thankful for my husband’s good and warm family. They are just precious.


3. My Creativity

Just recently, I’ve been reminded from my friends and someone I hardly know that I have this as a big plus. I don’t mean to brag, but I am very thankful for this gift from Him. It has helped me where I am now. Maybe I should have use it more than I should now. And it is something that people might want, but sometimes after they learn all the software and techniques, they couldn’t. It has wowed me at some points in my life, while sometimes I thought I couldn’t. It doesn’t just apply in my job, but also on difficult situations, and just recently : cooking. When you see your fridge and you can cook out of something with minimum materials, it’s amazing. Such a great gift.

4. (Best) Friends

No man can live alone. I’ve met some great friends. And when you met someone that gives you their meaningful advices, enjoys their time with you, more importantly makes you feel alive, share some phase of life together, surely you won’t forget them. You’ll always invite them to your precious moments. You’ll want to meet them after a period of time. Friends are just like pearls, or stars. You won’t want to diss them for something replaceable.

5. My Husband

This is just a popular point πŸ™‚ I’ve mentioned him in my Day 1 post. My hubby is the biggest motivator and strength in my life. In some ways, he’s like me, but he’s different. In other ways, we complement each other. Anyways, I can’t thank you enough that he’s my husband, after all of the past relationships I’ve been. Hopefully, I can still have him in my top five blessings in my life years to come, all the way.



Top photo : my personal photo in Instagram

Middle & Bottom photo : pinterest


Do you share the same blessings as mine?


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