Something I Always Think “What If?” About ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #11


Yesterday I was unwell so I skipped a post, oh well. To make it up, I’m going to post two challenges today. Day 11 is about something I always think “What If?” About.

To think “What If?” is almost like regretting the present and I don’t like thinking about it too much. There are thousands of them, to think of it. Most of it was the situation in younger years. But the biggest “What If?” to me is “What if I ended the relationships sooner?” The relationships I referring are the ones I was with my exes. If you know that you will be with your best relationship ever/husband/wife, you’d think “then what am I doing with my ex(es)?” Or, “Why don’t I met him/her sooner?”

I know all things happened for a reason. We met someone in crossroads, to teach us/other person a lesson. Nothing is ever without a purpose. But when you were in a relationship with someone several years and you ended up not being with them eventually, you think about all the times that won’t come back. Whether you could’ve focus on something more worthwhile and useful for your future. Although, maybe the lessons you got from having a relationship with your ex surely are useful for the present.

The second “What If” is back when I just graduated from college. It was the days full of energy and you have quite big hopes for yourself. I remembered that a production house owned by one of the most popular director in my country, Garin Nugroho, opened up an intern vacancy. The production house actually isn’t looking for profit. It crossed my mind, but I haven’t had the guts to do just thinking that I would be on a set with him. I also don’t think it would make my parents pleased, since the title is just an intern. Thinking back, maybe I would’ve been a bad intern, since I didn’t know much about work ethics back then. But to be on a set and working with Garin would’ve been awesome. It could be an awesome experience.

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Thoughts are always welcome 🙂


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