Bullet Point My Whole Day ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #15


Okay. Little details and thoughts on my day. Sunday is clean up day, so it is. Get ready :

  • Oh it’s 5 am. Still sleepy. Will sleep more
  • It’s 8? I should wake up. But why wake so soon? I have lack of sleep almost every day. Couldn’t hurt to sleep more.
  • It’s 9! Oh. Should wake up. Cleaning lady isn’t coming today, so I should clean up. What should I do first?
  • Okay. I should turn on the washing machine while I prepare and eat breakfast.
  • Hubby wants to use his computer, so won’t do laundry until he finish his work (limited electricity). It’s fine, I’ll just prepare breakfast.
  • Eating my breakfast. I should broom and mop the floor. But I must cook the rice first. Maybe do cooking?
  • Washing the dishes, cook the rice, broom and then mopping the floor. I’ll just buy the food, too tired to cook.
  • Hubby says I must take it easy, stop moving for a while, so I will.
  • I want to blog, but maybe later after things are quiet. I’ll just play some games on my tab.
  • Ugh, to lazy to wake up and take a shower. But it’s getting hotter during the day.
  • Feel fresh after taking a shower. Will buy some food, but this Master Chef episode is exciting.
  • Commercial. I got to buy the food, getting hungry again. I’ll eat fish, and hubby will eat balado egg.
  • Oh, just missed some scenes and Master Chef already eliminated a contestant. I’ll just eat.
  • Watching a movie while eating and finish the movie. I feel like eating something fresh. Ice cream sounds great, but not feeling like walking to supermarket.
  • Eating a pudding is good, but it’s too soon I feel stuffed.
  • What’s my Sims character doing? Playing some games
  • Preparing lunch for hubby on his plate while he’s taking a shower.
  • Hubby is going for a meeting. Time to do some laundry.
  • Oh no, the electricity is off. Switching it on in front of landlord and his guest. Awkward.
  • Maybe I’ll fold some previous laundry while waiting for the laundry. Ah right, take the bedcover over at laundry.
  • Should I blog while waiting the laundry? No, it’s too hot.
  • Washing my new veil.
  • What should I cook tonight? I feel like trying out my new pan. I have rice. I feel like cooking fried rice and adding some vegetables. Am I too tired? No, I think I can do it.
  • It’s a good time to blog What Am I Excited About?
  • Next, blogging about 5 Movies I Never Get Tired Watching but I’m hungry so I’ll finish it after dinner
  • Cook, cook and cook. I forgot to add corned beef. I’ll just fry it with another pan.
  • Hubby’s home!
  • Time to eat. Hubby already ate a bit.
  • This fried rice is not bad. Yum!
  • Hubby’s best friend is coming over. Okay, just when I thought he never comes lately.
  • Oh. Right. Ironing some clothes.
  • Okay, time to blog again!
  • Hmm, I think I want to play more games and rest



What a day!


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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