What I Am Excited About ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #13


Whoops. Yesterday turned out to be quite hectic to write on my next challenge. Friday also near the category. I am helping my hubby’s project so blogging just missed the cut. Technically, I am already failing the challenge. But, since there are no judges but my own commitment, let’s just carry on 🙂

Day 13 ~ What are you excited about? Well, my priority now is different from single times. But I still hoping to find new work challenges, making my dreams (can I write my own novel? I have to start now, I know), and finally making it my own. This moment I can only think to start designing again. Whatever it is, I want to put my creativity to use and challenge it again.

This has been a dream since we got together, but I am looking forward to travel with my husband, find time to relax together. Let’s hope it can be happening soon.

We are finding a new larger home, more convenient spaces and monthly fee, strategic location where it’s near our work place and families. After it’s settled, I’m excited to decorate and organizing the house. Maybe, I can finally put that pins in Pinterest on mine in action.

That is all. Thoughts?


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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