Something I Miss ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #16


Monday = Moan Day? I surely hope not. Moving on to the day 16th, it’s time to post something that I miss.

I miss doing something spontaneous, meaning I feel like doing something and I instantly do so. Not thinking if it will interfere anything or if I need to do something else. The spontaneous I meant doesn’t involve errands or work, or routinity. Like waking up, and I feel like watching a movie in a theater (if not with a friend, then alone). Or, I feel like bringing my laptop to a cozy coffee shop and just write (I want to do that, seriously). Maybe, I feel like calling my friend and we spontaneously want to meet each other and catch up.

Perhaps, it all can happen. But we sometimes attach ourselves with our daily activity than could happen later. Sometimes we should remind ourselves that errands/routinity doesn’t define us. And if we don’t do it, the world won’t end. It’s silly sometimes how little things and maintaining stuffs end up running our day. True, routinity sometimes could help push us to wake up and carry on, but it shouldn’t be the one in charge. Otherwise, time just flies and we miss chances and moments.

Or, maybe I just need a holiday 🙂

What do you miss?

Image from Pinterest (Wyn Wiley)

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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

2 thoughts on “Something I Miss ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #16”

    1. Thanks! I think sometimes we forget that doing some stuff doesn’t need much preparation. If you want it, you can just do it. It’s still a challenge for me.

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