My Zodiac Sign : Fits Me or Not ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #17


Like many teenagers, I used to read weekly/monthly horoscope on magazines or newspaper. They say if it’s good, it will make you feel good. If not, just forget about it. Sometimes when you noticed a person with some characteristics and you know her/his zodiac, you’ll say, “No wonder. He/she’s so Capricorn/Virgo/Taurus/etc.” But as you got older, you just never consider zodiac sign anymore. It all comes down to whether someone can go along with you or not.

My zodiac sign is Pisces. But since I was born in last days of February, sometimes I seek freedom much like Aquarius. Do you know that I have the same born date as Drew Barrymore and George Washington? Pisces said to best fit with Scorpio or Cancer, but guess what? I am marrying a Gemini. Anyways, here are the Pisces traits I get from :

  • Oversensitive

This is actually one of the traits I hate on women. But I can’t really protest because I can be sometimes. I think I become oversensitive on something I worry or obsessive with. But over something that aren’t my priority, I try to brush it off.

  • Compassionate

I’ve been told to be a great listener. Whether I am compassionate or not, I don’t know if I am 100% it. But I try to be friendly on people I just met.

  • Indecisive

Uh-oh. I am and it’s driving me crazy sometimes. But I am not all about everything being indecisive.

  • Dreamer and Artistic

Artistic, yes. Dreamer, yes, originally. But over the years, I try not to be too caught up with hopes and balance it with reality

  • Escapist

Well, d.a.m.n, I did not realized it before. But I do avoid fights and chaos because it will stress me. I tend to seek peaceful and calm atmosphere.

  • Adaptive

On new people, I can have small talks easily. But to get to know them on daily basis, takes time for me to open up and trust. I used to be so stiff on my activity, but I become more flexible over the years because it’s easier and less problems to deal.

  • Self-Pitying

Basically, in low points, it’s true. But on a bright day and tempt to be positive, I try not to go there.

  • Social

Like I said, I can go along easy with new people. But to open up needs more time and trust.

  • Idealist

This is a rather new trait I never read to be in a Pisces sign. I’ve seen idealists people, and I don’t know if I am that strict. All I know is I have a set of life guidelines and always try to fulfill it.

  • Romantic and Love-struck

I used to be. But I become quite realists so I need to see all the facts before I can set my romantic side free. It’s just my safety net. I guess I am deep down.

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Do you believe in zodiac sign?


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