30 Facts About Me ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #18

Well, here comes the day I must reveal some facts about myself (I think you discover some in some previous posts). I sure hope you won’t sick of me, ahah. Why Ghostbusters as the featured image? It was released in year 1984. Here’s more about myself :

1. Born in 1984

2. A Pisces (duh, if you read previous post)

3. Loves tea

4. Last child of three

5. Born in Jakarta

fried banana

best moment ~ eating fried banana in one afternoon in my hometown

6. …But family comes from the east of Indonesia

7. Currently loves the color mint/light tosca

8. Black Swan, Happy-Go-Lucky, 500 Days of Summer, Up in The Air are part of my DVD collections

9. Always carries tissue in my bag, for any occasion

10. Have a crush on Keanu Reeves on junior high school after seeing him in the movie Speed


11. Once wanted to join a film club in college

12. ..and said Jerry Maguire to be my favorite film

13. Ended up joining TV campus

14. Loves watching Friends episodes even though already watched it for the 50th time

15. Fancies Italian food


16. Started wearing hijab in 2013

17. First music concert ever attended was Phoenix

18. Last music concert attended was Jason Mraz

19. Once very into lomo and lomography

20. …and bought Holga camera

21. … But in fact thought photography is boring in college

22. Just got married this year, 2014

23. Ruby Sparks (2012) and 500 Days of Summer (2009) are memorable movies for me and hubby

24. Used to have short boyish hair

25. I used to think Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything is my dream guy


26. Items wished to wear; Blazers, coat, and boots (too hot for tropical area)

27. Very fond of Sesame Street as a kid

28. I never wear red (unless obliged to)

29. Once joined a drama club in junior high school

30. I have a movie blog, 4 years running



Almost want to pick some of my personal photos, but I’m pretty shy 🙂 There you go. Thoughts?


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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