My 3 Celebrity Crushes ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #20

It’s day 20, woohoo! It means 10 posts more to nail the challenge. I’m still a little caught with fever, still need rest. But I can’t stay too long doing nothing. Let’s take a dreamy ride for a while to talk about celebrity crushes πŸ™‚

My picks are going to be movie stars, since I don’t find many musicians or others quite win me over. I don’t watch many gossip shows or entertainment shows, so I might pick some celebs that are too aware with their talents (but I hope not). Anyways, here they are :

Michael Fassbender


It all started when I watched Jane Eyre (2011), he’s playing as Rochester with Mia Wasikowska as co-star. While people said that he is relatively too young to play Rochester, but I find him quite the fit because he can be quite intense and feared by people. This ‘quality’ showed in his other films; Inglorious Basterds, X-Men : Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave, Hunger, etc. Charming, gorgeous plus such brave quality for an actor makes him stand out. This Irish-German actor is Steve McQueen’s favorite, and could be winning an Oscar anytime now. He’s really showed himself in some challenging roles, one of them is Shame (2011), a story of a sex addict. Who couldn’t help but struck by his looks?


Ryan Gosling


I almost didn’t want to put him because he’s quite overrated (sorry, Ryan). But I don’t have much crushes in celebs for a while. I remembered him being so cool in Drive (2011) and his attempt to be a father in The Place Beyond The Pines. Let’s not forget The Notebook. I always thought he’s perfect with Rachel McAdams, but news said that he’s having a baby with Eva Mendez. Perhaps he’s taking a rest from acting and also being a new father? Maybe he should take roles that doesn’t involve muscles and motorcycles. I hope he’s taking his break pretty good.


Tom Hiddleston


This is quite new. He doesn’t have a pretty face, but the charm surely travels out of the screen. There’s a charming antagonist in him, an intelligent British man and he surely can be quite humorous. There’s also a hint of arrogant but we still find him adorable. I don’t think I ever see him in a normal role. Maybe only in Midnight in Paris as Fitzgerald. Last, I see him as a rock star vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive. You know him mostly as Loki, Thor’s stepbrother.

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Do you have the same celebrity crushes as me?



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4 thoughts on “My 3 Celebrity Crushes ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #20”

  1. Such great picks! Now if I could switch Ryan Gosling with maybe Benedict Cumberbatch, Iain de Caestecker, Ansel Elgort or Theo James, you’d pretty much have my list. Hiddleston and Fassbender would still be on it though!

    1. I am not too familiar with Iain de Caestecker, but others are adorable and still so young compared to my choices, except Cumberbatch. Thanks! I used to fond with Andrew Garfield, but maybe because I am now 30 looking for someone older (not that that will make any difference or effect on me, ahah).

      1. I thought I should throw in someone younger because I’m only 21. I almost wrote Dylan O’Brien as well – he’s probably closest to my age. I feel like I shouldn’t just crush on people who are 15 years older than me haha

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