Lessons I Want My Children to Learn From Me ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #21


Day 21, it’s official 3 weeks doing this challenge now. Happy weekend, by the way. Happy that the house is clean, but not lack couple of hours to sleep. I just saw the movie Begin Again and addicted to the soundtrack. Already prepared for the review in my movie blog for next weekend. Thinking of going for a walk in the morning. Hopefully, I’ll get a good sleep tonight.

This day is about Lessons I want my children to learn from me. Heavy, but important. I might be a parent anytime, the ‘gift’ and responsibility is up from Him. If anything, I want my children to be wise on taking their steps on life. Of course I want them to able to look after themselves, concern about hygiene and aware of their dreams early. But the ‘wise’ thing particularly are these :

  • You get what you give

Everything you done for you or to someone else, will directly comes back at you. If you throw a stone to a dog, it can run chasing you or maybe the owner will come after you. If you help an elderly crossing the street, he/she will thank you and maybe offer you a cookie or help you in another day. Any tiny act you will receive it back, even when you think nobody will noticed.

  • Go after your dreams and don’t compromise

Some children know what they want to be early, some take time. Try different things, experience and broaden your knowledge. Then decide what you want to do, some that will make you happy and help people. When you do, gain experience and learn the field. But your dreams are yours. And if some people want to turn you to something they want, stop and think if that’s what you want. If not, don’t waste time doing what they want. Don’t compromise.

  • You are what you choose to be

You’re only as good as you choose to be. You’ve got to know your limits. I’m not perfect too, sometimes I let fear get in the way. But I mostly regret the things I didn’t do. Make sure you’re not blocking yourself to what you think will make you happy.

Theoretically, these are the big lessons I should tell them. Who knows? I can choke and maybe tell them, “Go to your room!” or Say, “Because I said so!” Ahah, but hopefully I will not.

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3 thoughts on “Lessons I Want My Children to Learn From Me ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #21”

  1. (going through the 30 Day challenge myself 😉 and that’s how I found you blog). Will check all 100 posts so far (eventually :)), but I am having fun so far!. Your first lesson is absolute best!! I wanted to add a good life lesson that my mom taught me when I was young, young and was “learning” to lie – “A lie has short legs. Telling the truth will always guarantee you that you won’t have to keep track of your lies”.

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