Pick a Word, Google it and Write the 11th Image ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #25


Day 25 – Pick a word, google it and write something about the 11th image. Now that’s a random subject, challenge your creative writing. I had to pick several words until I settled for the one I pick; Change. The image is actually from a business website about changing management.

Why do I pick that word? Because like some people, I sometimes think twice (or more) to change. I’m probably writing this post to convince myself out of my comfort zone. Change is good, when necessary and if it goes to a more positive place. The thing is sometimes we’re the ones who doesn’t allow ourselves to change. The execution aren’t easy and it takes time to adapt.

Some of the big changes in my life led me to the best version of myself and I learned a lot. And I’m not sorry for taking that big step because it led me to who I am today. But being in that place is unsettling and challenging, it scares me. You’ve got to have a big focus and determination, and positive surrounding to keep you walking.

Here’s the thing with change. It is definitely something that is permanent on life. We can’t stay who we are, and sometimes the things we always do for 5 years doesn’t make us for us in present. But that is growth. You can’t fully be happy when you’re still holding the past. It scares you because you can’t see if it will work, it scares you because it’s big and you care. It’s a challenge but it is necessary.

It’s important to be prepared of the changes, and let go of all the things you’ll left behind (since you can’t have it all). And take it as an opportunity to start over. An article in WikiHow described it far clearly. Hope it can help more.

Image in the middle from Pinterest


I don’t think I nailed this post. But I hope it can help you dealing with change. Any thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “Pick a Word, Google it and Write the 11th Image ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #25”

  1. awesome post!!! change is always good outside the comfort zone, as you said), but never change just for the sake of changing 😉 and definitely never change for anybody – you are who you are for a reason!

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