An Area in My Life I’d Like to Improve ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #26


Well, you’ve got me. Doing this challenge everyday, you can’t escape with the lazy feeling. I’m going to post two challenges today, just to chase it up. This week I’ve been watching TV Champion on tapes (a Japanese TV series about a variety competition, very popular in my country), and I’ve always been amazed every time I watched it. Japanese people surely are hardworking people, do things thoroughly and creative. They have a great time management, and they carefully consider what they eat.

It’s a bit toughy but I wish I can have more healthy meals, more healthy things to cook for me and hubby. It’s not easy since I’ve been working and when I get home I just want to relax and have dinner. A couple of days, I force myself to cook vegetables and bought some fruits on the way home. You really need to consume more digestible meals so you can flush out some that already in your body.

But the most important thing is I should work out more. It’s a little like an old promise, but every weekend I can’t bring myself to sleep early and take a morning walk/run. So maybe time management is another point. I’ve already get my bike at home, so all things let is my will to sweat a little.

What about you? Do you have the same things to improve like mine?


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