Something That’s Kicking Ass Right Now ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #27

After I got married, I often searched small spaces management on Pinterest and websites 

Day 27 – Conversely, Write about something that’s kicking ass right now. I had to read the topic over and over again to understand, and once I connect it with the previous post, I get it. So yesterday I talked about things I’d like to improve, now I talk about things that are doing great.

Honestly, adapting marriage life was a little bit chaotic. I now have more responsibilities other than myself and a husband that is counting on me. Somehow the things that I thought was heavy and unsolvable now seem to be easy. I am now focused on what I have rather than what I loss. I start to adapting and letting this go, which makes me more peaceful and happier. At the same time, I feel positive changes in my husband too. So, as an individual we are transforming to be a better wife and husband, and as a couple we’re more integrating. It feels like we are on the same pace and rhythm, less drama and less frictions.

When I moved to a rented house, it’s relatively got smaller space, compared to my parents house. I felt stressed out with these lesser space and the fact that I need to cover myself completely in my own home whenever there’s a guest (since I wear hijab), made me feel unpractical and difficult. But I got used to it and understand that it’s part of the package. And, the complication of getting to the big road to take public transportation, also make things complicated. I have to rely on husband or ojek (like a taxi but it’s a motorcycle) to get to the front. But it’s great that I live near the station, so we can go anywhere without facing traffic jams and red lights. The down side is the train can be full of humans thinking the same thing. Thank God for the women carriage.

Not to mention, the area I lived in is further to the big city (where all things are provided). But it’s not that the area doesn’t have shops or things, but I just don’t know where to get it here. Now that I lived here, being in the center of the city with all the traffic jams just feel stuffed and too much hassle.

Hubby once said, “How can we got a bigger place, when we can’t manage small space?” This is what makes me think and in the end try to ‘master’ the small space. I start to find ways to fit more things in small spaces on web and just throw some unneeded stuffs to get in the needed stuffs. I try to find cabinets, shelf and closet that I think would be fit (not just yet, but I’ll find it). I moved some clothes I never wear to a ‘hidden closet’ so my closet looks more tidy. And try to make things not looking like a shipwreck.

After a couple of times feeling beating up and then got sick, I stopped trying to make everything perfect and do things according to my body energy. I caught the perfectionist tendency of the newlyweds and it is not healthy. Like my mom, I want things to be perfect. But it is exhausting to follow all of that. So I tend to see what can I do the best at that moment.

So I’m doing great adapting on my new life. Changes took time and I think we are going to be fine, with anything happens in the future.

That’s all. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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