5 Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #28

Day 28 – 5 Things that make me laugh out loud. 2 Days more and this challenge will be a wrap! How’s your Sunday going? Mine is full of errands. I’m taking my little energy left to blog, after cleaning the house and cooking (so housewife-y).

Now here’s a topic that is different from most of all, 5 things that make me laugh out loud. Out of the daily conversations and jokes, I usually search for comedy in movies, TV series and comic book (this one quite seldom now). Compiling this list actually gave me a lot of laugh, and some I thought would be on the list ended up not. Took a little more time to find what really make me laugh. I don’t want to include offensive jokes so I eliminated that. To summon things that make me laugh out loud will be these things :

America’s Funniest Animal Home Videos – TV Series

In my teen years there’s a TV series that was always made me and my family laugh watching it. It’s America’s Funniest Animal Home Videos. Animals never ever try to make us laugh, so all the clumsy or rage things they do ended up so hilarious. I was actually searching the clip where an ostrich chasing a jeep and the person in the end seat keep holding its neck to prevent it attacking them, but I did not found it on web. I noticed that they made it to a web series. I’ll keep in mind to find it when I need some chuckle.


Michael Cat – Comic

If there’s a comic book I always wanted to read in every mood and will always make me laugh, it’s got to be Michael cat. The comic rarely use dialogues, but it’s movement and expressions is enough to make us laugh. There was a night where I read it before sleep at a college night but I ended up laughing so much my sleepy was gone.


Friends – TV Series

Friends is always a TV series I want to watch. It is timeless and funny, and they don’t dramatized their jokes. There’s a lot of funny moments but here’s one that always makes me laugh.


Austin Powers : The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) – Movie

I despised Austin Powers when it first came out, but recently I watched it on cable and I can’t stop laughing. It’s a comedy for adult for sure. Here’s one clip that makes me laugh out loud, so hilarious.


The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

I know that The Tonight Show have countless funny moments, and I’m missing out most of it. But since I love Emma Stone, I checked this clip out. It’s quite hilarious and at the same time I am more amazed by Emma and loving her more. How is one beautiful and refreshing lady turned out to be fun and fearless, and unafraid to look silly?


Almost made on the list :

Bridesmaids (2011) – Movie

Anchorman 2 (2013) – Movie

Mr. Bean – TV Series

Wedding Crashers (2005) – Movie

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) – Movie



Readers, what do you think? Think these points are funny too? Or do you have other things that make you LOL?


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