My Goal for the Next 30 Days ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #29


Day 29. Getting close to end the challenge. Time to talk about goals. As we’re near the end of the month, there’s plans and hopes for the next. Just couple of days ago, we found out that a bigger rented house in front of ours right now is available (the previous taker decided not to take it). We’ve been wanting it ever since we found out it will be soon empty. Actually, we’ve been searching for places for couple of month now but no significant candidate. To know there’s one available and located just meters away is just a blessing. So, we’re pretty excited to move in, planning to be in a month! In a nutshell, here’s some goals for October :

  • Early October we’re celebrating Ied al-Adha and plan to buy Qurban. Hopefully, we’ll pray in the morning and maybe visit some family and enjoy the meat (also learning how to cook them).
  • Packing and organizing stuffs, also should have a suitcase to pack the clothes.
  • Add some furniture (excited for this one)
  • I hope there’s still room for decorating, or at least plan to add some more decors to the house
  • Housewarming sounds like a great idea πŸ™‚

I sincerely hope we can arrange all so in the end we’ll have a homey and comfy home. I’ll keep posted on the updates.

Have a fab Monday!


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sunglow mama

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