Highs and Lows of The Month ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #30


Here it is, the last post of the challenge. I need to thank myself 30 days ago for keeping me productive with this challenge. A couple of person with great writing and blogging experience once told me that we’ve got to keep up with our (blogging/writing) energy, even when we are tired. I can keep it up before, but I guess with all of the changes in my life I lose some writing time. But with this challenge, I feel how temptations to just relax and do other stuffs might be in the way, but once we got rid of it we feel relieved to actually take some time to write.

I want to thank YOU who sign up to write this very little blog along this challenge. Honestly I didn’t expect to have 40+ followers right now, it’s quite a big bonus for sure.

To talk about highs and lows of the month, if you read my posts, you must know that I’ve been talking and needing some changes. I was hoping to get it soon, like starting this month. But after going through some emotional rides, praying, talking (hubby, friends and a consultant-you can say it that) and all, it seems that I need more preparation. I fear that I’ll get lost focus with this ‘preparation mode’ and although I have all the choices in my hand now, I still can’t let myself completely to do this new thing. It’s funny how you’ve been really craving something, but you can’t just instantly go. Either I’m being careful or I just waste more time. Because there’s a saying; Don’t think, just do.

This month, there are some moments when I feel low and lost. But I got it through because my friends reminded me my potentials are. They offer their help, when I need it. It’s very valuable and I’m really glad they are around. One person even took me back when I was in college and what was in my head back then, he reminded me the feeling of anything is possible and the world is in my hand. A great friend even said she wished for the things I have in me, when I wish for the things she have in her. There are nights when my mind wonder what step should I take. This challenge actually helped me to divert myself for over thinking. I know what to do now, but I need more time. Everything is still quite cloudy.

Overall, the atmosphere is far friendlier than ever. Relationships that were strained are now a little more loose. Things that previously felt foreign, now feel more pleasant. Some friends feel closer. Hubby and I feel more integrated. Things just takes time. At least this month, I’ve got some answers.

It’s nice to include myself and challenge myself, like doing this project. I hope I can write sooner than before this challenge, but maybe not everyday 🙂

Have a great day and pleasant tomorrow! I hereby closing this 30 Day Writing challenge.

Image from Pinterest (Found on myschaoreo.tumblr.com)

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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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