New Home


Have you had a lovely Sunday? Well, for me at least, I had an effective one. Last month I told you that I was going to move to a bigger place and will give you an update. Here I am now, writing from my new home πŸ™‚

It felt like I should pack things up immediately, but it doesn’t make sense since I’m still going to use most of my things until the moving day. So I packed some that I thought I wouldn’t touched for a while, like my magazines and books. Then to my bags. It is helpful that we have too much new garbage bags, so I store some in it. Hubby was all easygoing.

I read some helpful organizing tricks for moving your stuffs on Pinterest (as usual, such great web!). But I can’t use them all, since we’re only move some steps away. But it’s important to divide them in different storage, to remember which belongs in what area. It helps that taking time to really put your things in order before get it moved. Luckily, the landlord actually gave us flexibility about when to move.


The place was already cleaned, painted and patched up, so it feels rather new. Before the place was focused to be a kitchen place, since the owner rented it for his food business. So previously, the place was a mess.

Even there’s my hubby’s friends helped moving the big furnitures, it still felt exhausting moving the little things. If there’s a trolley or a cart, that is super helpful. But we are excited with moving in this place. There’s lots of benefits other than bigger space. More room means you get to put some things in a more proper place. Like now, I suggest the TV isn’t in the bedroom (read that you shouldn’t have electronics in your bedroom). It made a big difference, especially since our TV have a big screen.

After moving in, you should reorganize and putting things on its place. Installing electronics is other things. But especially, you need to do lots of cleaning. Including the old/previous home. I probably have mop the floor three times in two days. I definitely have burned some calories.

We’re tired but quite satisfied. Hopefully this is a better home for us, and it has for 3 days. Now currently thinking of doing some DIY decors for walls.

Thanks for reading!


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