Take a Look at : Yuna


A little while ago, I saw a Malaysian singer featured in E! channel. How often does a musician (who wears Turban) from Asia gets featured in this entertainment network (who shows The Kadarshians and Red Carpet events)? None that I know of. I didn’t really paid attention to it, but it was advertised basically every five minutes (and yes, I find watching E! is a guilty pleasure). Who is this girl?

The girl is Yuna. The mix of her unique voice and look is quite exotic and a breakthrough, and refreshing. Especially since she’s from the East. She’s discovered from MySpace over a record company. Then the representative visits her to her country to get to know her. She started her international album in 2011, just 3 years before her first Malaysian album.

Her voice in gloomy songs (Like Lullabies) reminded me of Indonesian Indie band, Homogenic and her style is like a modern day of young Erykah Badu. She also collaborated with Pharell Williams in the song See You Go. She also collaborated with Owl City in The Croods soundtrack, in the song Shine Your Way (so ironic I heard that song many times whenever my nephew and niece replays the movie, but didn’t realize). This girl also open her own line, November Culture, which features her eclectic style (I think I noticed her first on Pinterest, showing her style).

Personally, I am proud to have a musician from Asian (with veil) becoming famous internationally for her authentic work. She nails it to keep showing herself through her choice of clothes and scarf. She’s definitely talented and her down-to-earth personality, with hard work can make her go far. “She could be our K-Pop to the world.” said the Malaysian.


The scarf in her head, Turban, is categorized to be a veil (covering hair) and it should be close to hijab. Once you wear hijab, there’s a certain line and responsibility. Sometimes following your gut to look cool is not in line with it. It definitely gets more pressure with entering the entertainment industry, especially to the West. Not intend to be prude or strict, but I hope that she can maintain her look to be proper, but still be eclectic.

In her interview with E!, Yuna admits that she’s in between (on her style). One side, she’s wearing hijab in its proper ways and rules. But on the other side, there’s fashionable world in its variety angles of looking cool. I think she’s in her time to prove herself, to explore her creativity, and it goes with her style. Is it right, or wrong? Like her own statement, how she covers herself isn’t perfect, but she achieved on marking her own style.

Aside of that, I sincerely hope her modern influence can motivate moslem girls to wear hijab. I am still proud of her. I hope she can go far.

What do you think of her music?


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