‘Create’ for 2015

One of the best movie I’ve seen and released in 2014, Begin Again

Time flies very fast. I meant to post something I hope and ‘habits I’d like to improve’ for 2015, but suddenly it’s almost two weeks pass by since new year! But no worries, my friend Anggun posted her ‘word’ for 2015 (inspired me to do this post), which is far more easier and relatable than resolutions or some things you’d like to check point to prove you’re conquering the year.

2014 was like a rollercoaster. A lot of highs, a lot of lows. A lot of things to sort out. I was a hard one to do some changes, since it looked so scary. But 2014 was like a year of changes (I married a man who basically love changes), and I was like forced to do it (for a better me). But I’m glad I did, it got me here, to a far better place. Maybe it could’ve been better, but that’s what the future for.

My word for the year, hopefully, is ‘Create’. No more being passive, just go for things you’d like to do (with consideration first, still).

Want to be healthy? Create a healthy environment, food and body (this one is a challenge, but necessary!). Want to be happy? Well, create a happy space and happy mind.

But the real ‘Create’ field is to do a creative work (which is from the word create as well 🙂 ). I don’t know what the future lies (but my wishes and dreams), with the new work I obviously will do, but I won’t go far from do a creative work. Perhaps doing more serious blogging and writing, etc, etc (PS : I have the urge and dream to just feel the cover of my own published book by my hands 🙂 )

The end of 2014, I decided to re-open my online shop and creating my own accessories. It’s just one tiny sign that I want to do real creativity, instead of operating and do technical stuff. Anyway, I hope for the best 🙂

What’s your word for 2015?


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11 thoughts on “‘Create’ for 2015”

  1. Good luck with your online shop and creating own accessories! For 2015 reading is my word I think, I want to watch less movies and read/review books again(some of the time). I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, so I won’t do blind spot list, just see how it goes.

    1. Reading is good. I just bought 2 novels (one is The Great Gatsby), but I know I hardly have time. I just noticed you’re not joining blind spot, well, maybe it’s better for you. I’ve got plenty classics I’ve never seen. Thank you!

      1. Boleh bangeeet… ikutan kapan aja bisa, sekarang BEC udah punya blog sendiri.. cek di englishfriday (dot) wordpress (dot) com yaa.. sampai bertemu di BEC..
        *pdhal mampir ke sini untuk verifikasi IHB, eh malah promo BEC.. hahaha..

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