EF #3 – How Gadget Affects My Life

Disconnect (2012) – a movie about how we feel disconnected with real world and feel connected through internet instead

Well, this topic is today’s issue. We are enthusiastic about the growing technology when smartphones and gadgets were launched. But ironically, we become too dependent to it that we neglect social interactions.

Gadget have big part of my life now. Aside from keeping in touch with my old friends and new friends, and families, I also used social media to promote my movie blog and my online shop. Even before, I love playing games and use some gadget applications like Evernote and Pocket to remember things and re-read useful articles. I also google things, post my pictures on Instagram and read news through it. I guess I am pretty glued, but I have my times to feel I should put it away for a couple of hours.

I remember about 3 years ago, I went outside the house and forgot to bring my phone. I went panic at first, mainly because I was afraid I couldn’t inform my friend that I already arrived. I have to use a security’s phone just to text that I have arrived (! Thank you, mister). But soon after we met, I surprisingly felt calm and peace (like never before). It proves that under the radar, I was annoyed with my phone (the notification and the ‘urge’ to open social media).

There was those time when I feel I should tweet, update status or post pictures to keep my ‘audience’ about my current activity or thoughts, but overall it was all about image and feeling hip. I realize that it isn’t real and I was lying to myself and the people that follow my social media accounts. It’s a little ridiculous considering people who are actually know you would know you’re just playing someone else. I become cautious about the status I write, because I don’t want to blurt out all and the whole world to know my problems. And I don’t know if my not-so-close friends would want to read my problems. People tend to forget that their status can be read to many people and the site recorded it so it is accessible for some people (even job recruiter) to read.

Still I know sometimes I accidentally ignore some people because I had to see or check something in my phone. I am well aware of the feeling, as I feel annoyed when someone else do that to me, especially when I make time to be with them. There was those exhausted time when I was still working, because I worked with computer for 8 hours but when I’m not working I check my phone.

Mainly, now I post about things I enjoy, funny things or wisdom words (Path usually) or just strictly maintaining people to visit my blog articles. Or, to post products to my little shop.

I used to wish when I do have my own family day (me, hubby, and if God willing to bless me with child), I’ll have just one day not using gadgets or computer. I think that should be mandatory.

What about you? Have you experienced the same thing?


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5 thoughts on “EF #3 – How Gadget Affects My Life”

  1. Thought-provoking entry! For me, it’s not neccasary to update twitter or facebook every day, unless I really want to. It has to come from within, not just to make others happy.
    These days, it’s interesting how experiences/holidays are less, until they are shared on social media. If it’s not seen by others, then it’s not as wonderful.
    I think I also have ignored some people because I had to keep up with social media, and it’s annoying when I talk to someone who keeps looking at their phone. A day not using gadgets is a great idea 🙂

    1. I learned about how it must come from within too.

      It’s sad about that trend (how holidays/experiences aren’t important unless shared in soc med). It’s also pretty time consuming wasting your vacation time posting the pictures. I tend to do that after the holiday.

      It is annoying!

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