EF #4 – Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!

anywhere door

Now following from the two previous EF posts, today’s actual topic is about picking a tool from Doraemon‘s pocket. If you’re not familiar with Doraemon, it’s a robot from the future send to make Nobita, a lazy and wimp 4th grader. Previously aired as a comic strip in magazines, then comic books, and then TV series. They also have released the 3D animated movie last year, Stand By Me Doraemon.

My answer is going to be easy and used often in Doraemon series : Anywhere Door (Dokodemo Door).

It’s a door to go all places you wish. Imagine not having to deal with long hours of traffic jam or flight and free! I know, sometimes it’s about the process and not the destination. But it can save hours and energy, also reduce stress from the traffic jam (Jakarta and traffic jam are practically married).

Also, it can be a quick getaway when you’re stressed, just go to the beach or someplace pleasant. Run out of fruits or grocery? Just open the door to the favorite supermarket. Want to go to the movies on time and avoid long queue? Or, visit your relative in another region? Just use the door! It’s practical and definitely useful.

Well, that’s it. What about you? Or, any thoughts?


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