[EF#5 Weekly Challenge] What is BEC to You?


This is technically the second week joining EF for me. So, I might be too ‘young’ to write this post. But as promised, I’ll do the challenge 🙂

I was suggested by JNYITA to join after doing the post ‘Create for 2015’, but the first time I know about EF was from my friend, Anggun‘s post. I looked and thought it’s interesting, but it has been running for 2-3 weeks and I don’t know if I can join. But, I found out I can 😀

Writing blog with English language has always been more comfortable for me, for some reasons. I have been doing it for 5 years, but it’s not perfect. Back then, I have some bloggers (foreign) kind and thoughtful enough to told me my writing mistakes. I have thought of quitting using the language in my blog, but I’ve come a long way. I just have to accept that mistakes can happen and learn. The thought that my articles can have less value by my not-perfect English has always been one of my worries. But I’ve been preoccupied that I can only learn by reading others articles. By EF, it can be a solution, to learn English and blogging too. So, it’s kind of fun.

Aside from learning English and doing fun blogging weekly, I hope by joining EF I can ‘meet’ new bloggers and friends. Maybe have a kopdar (arrange a meet-up)? I actually didn’t know there’s a whatsapp group, ahah.

There’s my entry. Looking forward for next week’s theme 🙂


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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