[EF#6 Weekly Challenge] : My Alter Ego is My Blogger Self

one movie that inspired me to blog : Julie & Julia (2009)

Hello, hello. First of all, I always meant to post something before the EF post, but this week seems to be busier than previous weeks. A lot of new challenges and I’m so thankful for that. I’ll explain in another post.

This week’s EF is about my alter ego. Whoa, it’s a hard topic and I needed to take a while to think what is my alter ego. Keep in mind, I have seen someone else’s alter ego and it’s frightening to see them changed in one second. But I don’t think my alter ego is like that.

The truth is, my alter ego is my blogger self. Why do I think that is? Well, I don’t tell all my friends I have and love blogging. Mainly because not all of them can connect and understand. Some might think it’s one unnecessary thing to do and that we are kurang kerjaan (or have nothing else to do). I have experience some of them don’t know what to say if I say I have a blog or if I have other related stuff about my blog. But I believe that if I am comfortable enough to tell my friends that I have a blog and they understand/acknowledge it, it’s proven that we’re that close and we’re best friends.

Barney Stinson – One TV character very proud with his blog’s existence and even make it a career in final episodes

When my husband and I were just going out, it took me maybe a month to say I have a blog and contributed movie articles back then. He said, “From what your articles, you’re so different. You sound so smart. You amaze me.” Well, my immediate response was ‘I sound so smart?’ But his opinion is immediately filed under ‘great compliment’.  I am generally a pretty private person, it’s not the first time I face that reaction. Some friends were pretty surprise too when they found out on their own. Since I wrote movie reviews and sometimes went to festivals, some ask me what movie I would recommend or just last year, ask me to go out with them to the festival.

I think not all people can understand why bloggers blog. Maybe it’s the same feeling with me confused why people spent hours to go fishing. It gives pleasure and it’s a hobby. Like some people I know who are interested with certain kind of fish and aquarium, and they don’t share it to me, because it’s not a topic I understand and interested in.

5 years ago, I started blogging seriously and didn’t tell many friends (even family) about it. Mainly, it was still a mess. But once I started to gain readers and passed 3 years, I am more open and at the same time, many people have known my blog anyway. Blogging is part of me, so I won’t stop until it’s no fun anymore 🙂

There you go. What about you? What’s your alter ego?


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sunglow mama

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7 thoughts on “[EF#6 Weekly Challenge] : My Alter Ego is My Blogger Self”

  1. Hello, Mba Andina. It’s my first time visiting your blog. Nice post, Mba. It is good if you can manage your alter ego in positive way like a blogger self. Keep on going, Mba 🙂

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