[EF #7 Weekly Challenge – Treasure From The Past


This week’s EF Challenge is about snap a photo and tell a story. Thankfully, it doesn’t require new photo because I almost posted my neighbor’s chicken pics! Lol. I don’t go much these days with me being a housewife and just started working from home.

But if I should share a photo of my own, I have to pick this one.

As you can see, there are three girls jumping happily. We take this photo several times and this one is the best. Those were my closest friends back when I worked in a broadcast company. Normally, I didn’t take pictures on purpose with a model and all, but I was on deadline submitting a photo for an exhibition. Back then I was very into lomography and analog cameras. This photo actually captured too much light (over) but we reduced the brightness (thankfully!).

The camera I used to capture the photo, Lubitel 166B (pic from lomography.com)
The camera I used to capture the photo, Lubitel 166B (pic from lomography.com)

This picture might be one of my favorite picture of all time. It’s not just about the jump, the happy expressions, or the fact that I can capture the jump perfectly with an analog camera. But because it captured the times when we (me and these three girls in the picture, and one who wasn’t in the picture) were so close. It was one of the best phase of my adult life.

We were a gang in our division. Some say we were pretty popular, (well I am the most calm in the group, and others were a little fussy). They even have a nickname for us as a group. You can say that making a group or gang for yourself in a work place seem too high-school-ish, but what can I say? We bonded quickly and it happened naturally.

In a long term, we couldn’t stay as a group. Well, in every relationship there’s always a test or problems, including friendship. Maybe it was part of nature to break apart. Two of my friends divide themselves and still become best friends until today. I managed to still close with only one of them and still occasionally scheduled lunch together. And, I used to be so close with the other but I think we have to be apart since we grow into two different people.

Sometimes I think maybe it’s just me who look back and smile to those times, but one of them keep tagging me a picture from Timehop (an application who remind us our photo from previous years) of our picture together and say we were quite sweet and hilarious back then.

It’s funny how life is. Funny how sometimes I want to be close with them again, but I can’t. It’s like, what’s left is sweet memories back when we’re together. And it’s better compared to no memories at all. It’s kind of like a treasure.

I saw them grow, from our 20ish to now 30ish. Most of us are married and half already have kids and about to be. And you know what? We all met our husbands (and boyfriend) from our work place. I guess that’s what happens when you’re too dedicated with your work, ahah.

That’s the story of the picture. It’s quite deep, but that’s why it’s so precious. Comments are welcome 🙂



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8 thoughts on “[EF #7 Weekly Challenge – Treasure From The Past”

    1. Thank u, Mas Ryan 🙂 I wouldn’t mind to have this one either, but rarely I haven’t got much time to hunt pictures like in my 20s. Are you interested in using analog cameras?

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