Hello Favorite Skirt, Thank You PinkEmma

Pardon me for be a little promotional. I’m joining PinkEmma Review Competition, since it’s one of my favorite e-commerce site and the competition involved blogging, couldn’t resist to join


I found PinkEmma from one of the most popular social media about two years ago, clicked it, browsed the site and fell in love with the cardigan collections. Back then, I loved to wear cardigans because my office were always cold with air conditioner. I bought one called Shabby Cardigan Blue. I remember how I love their packaging, tidy and fancy. I love how they used gold pins to hook the brand tag, it’s quite classy and effective to put it off.

After that, I purchased several clothes more, since they always have discounts. What made me always come back to the site, was how they have reasonable prices and didn’t made me intimidated by the look of their site (and surely the prices). Once you signed up, it will actively e-mail you about discounts, midnight sale and previewing items you previously checked. It surely knows how to persuade us to buy!

Union Pleated Skirt-4
Union Pleated Skirt White – Image belongs to PinkEmma

I think the peak point why I love PinkEmma was when I got an e-mail about a new brand by Zaskia Sungkar. By the items I checked, the site knows I wear hijab and I am absolutely their target market. I didn’t really know Zaskia Sungkar before, other than she’s the sister of Shireen Sungkar, a famous TV series actress. Also the fact that she wears hijab and married a well-known actor.

I tend to pick preppy look, which is hard for a hijaber to find. Another thing, I am always a little skeptical to buy something too pricey. Because who wants to buy anything too pricey, am I right? But then I saw her collections showed in the e-mail anyway and I loved it. By the time, I already used to wear skirt and need to find one that isn’t pastel color (that are too popular up until now) or used flowery/girly patterns (I loved flowery, but it’s better when it’s vintage look).

Then, there’s one item of her collection that haunted me. It’s Union Pleated Skirt (currently sold out).ย The price is a little bit out of my range. I really loved the white one, but I don’t think I can wear it daily. I’ll be worried if it gets dirty or won’t wear it on rainy day. Buy it or not? Maybe not. But I love the skirt. Should I? Is the question wondering in my mind for a little while. I don’t think I’ve ever have that kind of wandering thought over a skirt before. But in the end, I just have to buy it. It’s so, so cute and I love the pattern. I don’t care if it’s white, I just have to buy it.

By the time I received the skirt and feel the fabric, I know that it’s worth the price. It surely upgrade my look instantly, and I love the simple and classy look it gives. I know it sounds exaggerating, since it’s my favorite skirt, it always made me feel good. I also think that for an actress who launched her own brand, the price is not that expensive. I wore it on Ied Fitri without planning it, but it’s a wise choice.

zaskia union

Now, seeing Zaskia Sungkar actually joined Dian Pelangi and Barli Asmara in New York Fashion Week 2015, I can only feel blessed. Hey, I have her collection. And she’s amazing for joining them considering she just launched her collection.

So, great job PinkEmma for having her as your partner and for responsible making me fall in love with my favorite skirt. Love how you combined reasonable prices with good quality items. I will look forward for any ZS new collection ๐Ÿ™‚


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