6 Tips Working From Home


It’s a struggle, but now I have stopped some things that just didn’t work out. One of them is working in an office. Sure, you have plenty benefits from working in an office. Health insurance, bonus, easier credits approval. But it all goes out to the window if you’re heart isn’t there anymore. This time, it would be easier for me to have flexible hours. Fortunately, my husband approved this decision.

Believe it or not, I have taken a freelance job and small ownership business with much smaller income than before. But I don’t fuss about the income, because compared to several months ago, I am way more peaceful and happy. You can always find ways to get money, but you can never get time back. Even so, I’m not closing myself from working in an office again, whatever makes me happy.

Starting working from home makes me deal with some new habits of working. It certainly not the same as working in an office. You can cut the transportation fee and time to go to the office for sure. But it leaves with more responsibility for us to do basically everything. So, here’s the pointers working from home :

  • Set Your Mind : You’re The Boss You(r Time)

There won’t be any boss spotting you playing games/too much sleeping/being lazy, so the freedom is a blessing. But doing it too much will make you spend your time unproductive, you’re doing damage for yourself and your time. Sure you can have your boss/clients make your deadline, but you have to have your own discipline to get things in order.

  • Get Enough Fresh Air & Sun

You might be one of those homey person who feel enough with things at home, but it’s not healthy to spend too much time indoors. You have to breathe fresh air and feel the sun, get enough sweat and work out. Remember to open your windows and doors regularly, just to circulate the air in the house. In fact, it’s crucial to get out once a day and it’s best in the morning.

  • Create Your Own Schedule

Since you’ll be working for your own self, you need to make a system that works for you. Which time you can work the best/without distractions? Also, remind your housemates your working time & space so they don’t constantly distract you.

  • Create A Comfortable Working Space

Make a comfortable working space, pay attention to your comfort and cleanness. Get rid of the things you don’t need in your desk. Put a clock near your working space, maybe.

  • Use Your Energy Wisely

Maybe you don’t have any helpers on doing home errands, but you should remember not to force your energy. It will make you exhausted from your work. Use laundry service, or buy food outside if it helps.

  • Make Time to Rest

This is a challenge for a workaholic. Since working from home sometimes equal to keep working on the weekends, sometimes you can’t remember when is the time to pause. Remember to rest, recharging your body and mind. Whatever it takes so you can refresh your mind off the stress of your work.

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Hope my list helps! Comments are always welcome


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sunglow mama

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4 thoughts on “6 Tips Working From Home”

  1. I find working at home / freelancing requires self-discipline, even more than when you are on 9-5 employment. It really takes courage to do it, but as you said in your post, it makes you feel peaceful and happy when you know it is the right one for you πŸ™‚

    1. To be honest, I’m still struggling with the discipline but when I can manage the day, the feeling is super (like a real winner) πŸ™‚ yes, it’s more than the 9 to 5, we’re our own management *high-five

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