[EF#9 Challenge] Sharing Blogging Meet-Up

It’s Friday again! The 9th Challenge of English Friday is about sharing our meet-up moment (or KopDar), where we talk about meeting people after knowing them through internet/other media. Sorry I can’t join BEC meet-up even though I wanted to 😦 It sounds great.

I have several meet-ups, but not all of them were memorable. One memorable meet-up for me was in the year 2012.

It was a pretty big blogging year for me. As my blog is about movies, I went to my first big film festival that year, Europe On Screen. Then got invited to join movie blogging workshop (rare, but yes the event did happened!). And then, I met some blogging gal pals. Back then I wasn’t wearing hijab, so I can’t share the pictures (too bad, since you can’t see our happy faces!).Β 

Where we met, Setiabudi Building – Jakarta. Also my favorite place to dine and watch movies. Picture from panoramio.com


Before we met, we’ve been blogging about movies and often commented on each other’s blog, for maybe 2 years. Three of us live in Jakarta, one is Indonesian but live in US. Often we can relate when the subject is about Indonesia, and sometimes couldn’t help but laugh with our comments. So, it was amazing feeling meeting these girls. Unfortunately, we only have several hours to talk. Before we realized, it’s already late. We met pas working hour in a weekday, so time wasn’t flexible.

When there’s a blogger outside my country often interact with me, it’s nice and great. We have a bridge to interact, although we live in a different parts of the world. But after a while getting to know them, it’s hard to avoid the feeling to want to know them in person. So this meet-up is amazing. It’s like getting to know a person, before actually meeting them. This is today’s penpals, only with blog and social media too.

I think it’s definitely will be a memorable meet-up to meet a person after we’ve been reading and loving their articles, and the feeling is mutual. Often we can’t guess in real life, if one can write such article or have rare fondness on anything. Blogging can reveal that, though it’s up to the blogger if they want to share their likes/dislikes or not. I’m grateful that I’ve met them, though now we aren’t as close. When the anticipation and reality agrees, it’s a real joy.

What about you? Have any memorable meet-up?


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8 thoughts on “[EF#9 Challenge] Sharing Blogging Meet-Up”

  1. Ah, a movie goers…
    I used to join 21Cineplex group on Friendster and Blitz. We do meet up several times. How I miss those moments.

      1. I think 2000 something. Yes. It is. A friend found flashdisk full of movie. Hahaha. And then some of us snuggle a A&W to eat inside. Hahahha.
        The best was when we rent a place in Kemang to watched Old Boy together.

      2. There’s nothing like watching great movies together with buddies! Old Boy is one twisted movie, should be great to watch together in a group

      3. Yes. I was not expecting that movie will a worth to watch movie. I thought it would be like other Korean movies.
        That’s why I put it on my favorite movies list.

      4. That’s what happens to me when I watched 500 Days of Summer with my girl friends. We ended loving that movie very much, sharing soundtrack and all. Great!

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