Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! It happens to be today, 8th March πŸ™‚ I write this post because I am proud to be a woman.

When I was in between doing laundry, cooking and the rest of house errands, I had a thought : Women really are magnificent creatures. I mean, I don’t have kids and the responsibility of being the lady of the house, maintaining and caring for husband and home, feels like too much (sometimes, or, many times). I thought how many women can do all with kids or more without help, and while can have a full time job too.

I also recognized this when I saw The Theory of Everything (2014) which is basically a story of Stephen Hawking and his ex-wife Jane running their marriage, while it lasted. Jane wanted to marry Stephen even though Stephen has diagnosed for his physical illness, even when Stephen’s parents warned her how hard it should be for her. Stephen and Jane have three children. So basically, Jane had to take care of his husband (even before he has wheelchair) and three kids alone. In reality, I read that Jane had Stephen’s students to live in their house and help her, but did not mentioned or filmed in the movie.

theory everything_jane_500

I know that Stephen Hawking is a living genius and have great spirit for life despite his physical limitation (also great sense of humor). Eddie Redmayne playing as Hawking did won for Best Actor in the Oscar. But I can feel Jane’s struggle and exhaustion, aside with doing it all alone, she is a woman who is raised with religion. But his husband (up until now, as far as I know) do not believe in God (which is funny considering his extraordinary condition). It should be really hard for her. I don’t think Stephen Hawking would be as great without her support, though now they are divorced.

Jane Wilde (Stephen Hawking’s ex wife) (left) and Felicity Jones (right), actress playing Jane in the movie, The Theory of Everything (2014). Felicity got nominated for Best Actress in Oscar 2015 for this role

Jane Wilde in the movie has inspired me about being a great wife. But it also warned me on still caring for our personal self, though the responsibility and all the errands can be overwhelming. It’s a challenge, but it is necessary to survive (part of why I’m blogging is also for that).

P.S.: I always liked Felicity Jones since I saw her in Like Crazy (2011), where Jennifer Lawrence was still playing small roles as another girl who dated Jones boyfriend.

Anyways, here’s why I love being a woman :
  • When people (and I mean my husband) told me, ‘You always shopping!’ I can always say, ‘I am a woman.’ Explains everything and simply put.
  • A reason to look stylish and beautiful
  • Can cry in front of people more tolerable than guys
  • I can blame on my period, when I am cranky or angry on those PMS days
  • I can watch reality shows, drama TV series and other guilty pleasures more tolerable than guys
  • I can consume or buy cutesy or girly stuffs, wearing pink without being judged
  • Things like getting a seat in a bus/train/transportation by a guy
  • Have worked in a place dominated by men, made me respected and protected by my colleagues
  • The ability to multitask (though multitasking has proven to be slowing the brain, rather than helping)
  • The necessity for a woman to be/running the kitchen (minus doing the dishes)
  • …. (for you to add)


Since I have house errands, I leave you to complete reasons why being a woman is great πŸ™‚ Guys can add too!


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