[EF#10 Weekly Challenge] Fave Indonesian Food!

Food basically is one of the pleasures you can have. I can never understand why some people would want to throw out food to be skinny. It’s understandable if you don’t like the food, but if you are, you can just burn the carbs later 😉

I grew up in a family who loves food. We like to eat and sometimes I even can’t get any because, well, ‘you’re too slow’ quote my mother. No, we’re not that full figured because we love to eat. It’s still on normal basis, our passion for food.


If I have to pick one Indonesian food, I’ll pick Fried Rice. I used to love my sister’s fried rice. It doesn’t use a lot of ketchup and the ingredients are perfect. I often ordered salted fish fried rice back in my office, and I always requested not using ketchup. Because too much amount of ketchup can make it too sweet, too much flavor in your mouth. I always want to taste other ingredients in the fried rice, like the meat/fish and vegetables.

After I got married, I cook my own a lot. Cooking fried rice is one of the easiest menu to make, and you can just use veggies without meat. It’s already tastes good and guilt-free, also cheap. The easiest, is using instant fried rice flavor (my favorite pick is Sajiku Seafood Rice) you can buy in supermarket and just pour it with rice, veggies and meat. Or, just use your left over chilli. The reason I love cooking it because it saves energy. You can get a lot in one plate; veggies, meat and rice. You don’t have to cook separate menu. Add crackers (kerupuk) and it’s a perfect meal. You can also add pepper, black pepper, and chilli powder.

Aside Fried Rice, I always loved squid (fried, grilled, anyway you like it) and other seafood but I have been ignoring it since I got a paranoia over an allergy.

Written for English Friday’s weekly theme.


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