[EF#12 – Weekly Challenge] Train as Main Transportation

When I was a kid, my impression of using train inside the city was : crowded and unsafe (many thief pocket). So, I never used it unless one time in high school when me and my friends chose to use it on our way home from Dufan (a pretty big amusement park in Jakarta).

But just last year, I started to use to train because I went to visit my (former) boyfriend (now hubby) house when he was injured by an accident. Believe it or not, it was his mother who suggested me to take the train, since it’s more time and energy effective. But then I moved to a place a little bit far from the central city, that require much energy to go almost everywhere. Since I live near the station and it’s much more economic, I used train almost every week.

What makes me happy is that the train stations are not as messy as it used to. Now they are clean, structurized, no more men sitting above the train (used to be like that, can u imagine??), no street vendors inside the stations and there are wagon just for women. Some stations have decent coffee shops and supermarket. It’s very civilized and comfortable. But it can be very crowded inside the train in busy hours.

the old local train seem to always have these problem (image from energitoday.com)
the old local train seem to always have these problem (image from energitoday.com)
stasiun tanjung barat
Taken from my Instagram just couple of days ago

Of course, most of the time I always stand (didn’t get a seat) in the train, but it’s comfortable still (when not too much people). But I’m glad and love this transportation because it’s fast and not time consuming. When you live in a crowded city, it’s a big plus. Especially, when the bus (besides busway) and smaller transportation can be unpredictable with their schedule (often wait too long in their place, or the term here called ngetem) and not air conditioned (since we live in a tropical place).

There you go, my choice of transportation. It’s a post for this week’s EF challenge,


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