Creative Work and Inspiration

Talking about dream job is always something. Over the time it changes, because humans never stop growing. But I think, every job I’m dreaming require creativity.

When I was in high school, my mother told me to go for graphic design because I loved to draw and already love using photoshop. But when I was in college, I joined a TV community and felt passionate working in broadcast. But when I did working in a broadcast world after several years (though my job title doesn’t require me to be in the field too much, often indoors with air conditioner and computer, and VTR), I dream to work from home.

The idea of working from home came up because I feel as a married woman, we need to be close to the family. Also I never see myself as an overachiever woman, rather than focusing on one priority and just be happy from it. I admire a woman who can have a full-time busy job while can mastering being a good wife, because just mastering one itself can be exhausting. At least by working from home, I won’t use my time too much in the traffic (considering Jakarta is a city full of traffic jams) and will reduce a little stress. Also, I need the time flexibility whenever home needed to be managed.

Even so, it’s not like working from home is free from stress and challenges. Many things can distract you and sometimes it feels like I’m working 24 hours (minus sleeping time). I also need to find excuses to go outside everyday, for health sake and for my skin to feel the sun. But I love the time flexibility, being away from office politics, being my own boss and have more time with my hubby. Also the fact that I can go to the malls and places not just on the weekends (but still avoiding traffic jam hours). It’s not easy, but it’s good and I never feel bored, there’s new challenges everyday.

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One of my inspirations is Justina Blakeney, or sites like because they are just creative and show it in their cool blogs. They also inspire their readers to be creative. Basically, every DIY project from creative blogs I find in Pinterest inspire me. I think it will be no surprise if I’ll post something similar in the future.

Anyways, that’s my dream job and inspiration. The post is for Indonesian Hijab Blogger March Challenge.



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7 thoughts on “Creative Work and Inspiration”

  1. Working from home is my dream, too… but I haven’t found what home-based work is suitable with me :haha. OK, guess I have to endure this office-based job for now :)).

    1. Give it time, don’t rush because it involve financial situation. You should start looking while doing office job if you can, and after finding the perfect job you can count on, then it’s time

    1. You’re welcome! I think it depends on you. Do you feel you have what it takes to work by yourself (can you be discipline and communicate with client, make work plan). Most people need to learn work ethics first, so they will need experience and years in an office. If you don’t have much experience, it’s best to find experience first by an office/by yourself. If you find working by yourself is tiring, you can always find office job (or the other way). Whatever is best for you.

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