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  • My other blog just got its 5th year anniversary in early April. And, I feel like I should give it extra attention (that’s why I’ve been absent writing in here). I have ideas and ideas need time to arrange and to write to. It’s amazing how people who live far away from where you live, doesn’t know who you are, what you look like, or what you do, can ‘see’ you through your writing. But if you ask me what I would do after 5 years of blogging, I honestly don’t know, but to find tiny things that make me smile or writing a movie from your personal thoughts.
  • There’s one (great) blogger from Canada wrote that sometimes he asked himself why (do you blog for years) and the best reason he can get is to write things from a personal value.
  • I finally finished doing my DIY curtain. The thing with Do-It-Yourself is that it does more value to you, since it’s a customized item which you chose the materials yourself and you don’t need to pay higher price. It’s an amazing feeling to do it, finished it and using it.

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  • The real reason I’ve been neglecting it was because I was confused using my mini-sewing machine. Lol. Well, I’ve been busy with other stuffs too. Next project is to make a table cloth with a pouch on the side. But perhaps you’ll be seeing the results in a couple of month (that’s just how unpredictable my schedule is).
  • I’ve been watching new TV series.
  • Empire; apparently, I am now hooked with Lyon family who owns a multi-billionaire record company. The guest stars are interesting : Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love and I heard that they are trying to make Oprah to be in the show (which is predictable because Terrence Howard, the lead, starred with her in The Butler). To be honest, this show probably contain most of the sins in the world; pride, revenge, rivalry, murder, manipulation, etc. But I think most successful TV shows dared to be dangerous that way. I couldn’t help but compared it with Gossip Girl, though it has a different younger crowd, but it was about power, pride and status as well. Empire also have a great soundtrack as well, sold a lot too.


  • They should cast Lenny Kravitz too, just because he also starred in several movies and would be natural there.
  • Married At First Sight season 2 ; I’ve been hooked since season 1. It’s quite informative and learned tid bits about marriage in first year. It’s also crazy and a brave thing to commit yourself marrying a person you absolutely don’t know who they are until you see them in the altar. In season 1, the couples you think won’t last ended up being the most solid (in just a year), and the ones that clicked right away from first sight has some troubles (well maybe it can be just a phase, who knows). Now, they’re trying season 2. FYI, they’ve been matched by 4 experts in psychology, spiritual, expert and (forget the last one).
  • Asia’s Next Top Model. Just because. The photoshoots, the dresses, the drama. This season the girls are more solid. Though Nadya Hutagalung doesn’t host anymore, the new one is as fierce and perhaps a little bit more intimidating
  • That’s just it for now. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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15 thoughts on “Random Things : Blog, DIY Stuff & New TV Series”

      1. I can imagine. Each episode have surprise elements, the writers surely have prepared something greater than that for finale episode.

  1. Emang Empire seru, Ndin? Gue kok rada-rada-rada malas ya nontonnya. Liat commercial-nya aja udah turn off. Hahaha. Mungkin gue bosan kali ya dengan cerita intrik dunia selebritas. Coba Game of Thrones deh šŸ™‚

    1. Awalnya juga males ndra liat promonya. Terus gw penasaran, apaan sih isinya kok bs booming. Eh jadi bablas :)) lagunya lumayan juga. Ya seru2 aja si dramanya

  2. Keren itu kegiatannya, Mbak. Apalagi hasilnya cantik seperti itu, pasti jadi kepuasan sendiri :)).
    Ho, saya belum tahu semua serial televisi itu, Mbak :haha. Kurang update sih :hehe.
    Sip, semangat terus!

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