[EF #18 Weekly Challenge] Complicated Relationship For Me

Being in an umbrella together, you’d think they are a couple? NOT. From the movie ‘What If’

It’s been a hectic day, the reason I ‘escape’ to blog is just to put my mind off the stress. It’s been a couple of weeks not doing the English Friday challenges because of the busy things. Well, here’s my entry for this week.

What is complicated relationship? Usually you can always define your relationship with someone.

“He’s my friend.” Or, “We’re going out.” Or, “I don’t like her. She’s not my friend.”

But it is complicated when you’re not sure what to answer your relationship with someone. So, it is a between-relationship. Like, you think of someone as a friend, but you ‘occasionally’ go out together and hold hands (‘friends’). Or, You always have think of someone as your BFF in your office/school, but you guys actually hated each other (frenemies). But, usually, complicated relationships linked to between friends or lover.

It is usually becomes complicated when one is in ‘denial’ and the other hoping too much to be someone special. And, perhaps one is too available and the other used that opportunity to fill the empty void he/she longing from someone else. Many cases, the available ones are single people and the other is in a relationship with someone else.

I think it’s okay when it’s just a pre-serious relationship phase, so it’s actually going somewhere. But it’s not okay when it is too long, because it’s a ticking time bomb. When it comes to feelings, it always sensitive and vulnerable. You don’t want to be in too deep to something that lead to nowhere. There’s no bargain when it comes to your feelings, because life’s already complicated to be in a complicated relationship.

There you go. What about you? What is complicated relationship to you?


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12 thoughts on “[EF #18 Weekly Challenge] Complicated Relationship For Me”

    1. Bisa dicari filmnya. Soalnya filmnya ‘It’s Complicated’ bangeeet gemes hehehe. Tapi seneng Daniel Radcliffe bergaya kasual paska Harry Potter

  1. I’m still confused what to write for this week’s challenge.
    I agree with you. I often see people in a ‘going to nowhere relationship’. I think they love to hurt themselves.

    1. Exactly. People who are in complicated relationship too long seem to ‘enjoy’ or comfortable with the pain.
      You can write anything/your definition about complicated relationship

    1. Lol. Usually these cases happens to people that are ‘too’ nice and then others just see the opportunity to use them. They should take a stand for their own happiness. just ‘usually’ though

  2. Life is already complicated so don’t waste your time in a complicated relatonship or in making one. Okay, I got the point :)).
    And when I read this post, I also think that pretending in a relationship only make it worse. Furthermore, a relationship that build upon lies and without honesty will surely be a complicated matter. A disaster, in fact :hehe.
    Have you ever been through this so-called complicated relationship before, Mbak, if I may ask?

    1. That is true, always stay true from the start.

      I have, but only for a few moments and it already got my head spinning. So I have to confront things in my own head and be forward on what I should do. It’s not easy but it was an essential move. Hard but never regret it 🙂 Hope it helps!

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