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__ayu gani

Normally, I never featured a model in my blog. But I’m just so proud of her. Let me dive into my geekiness as one of the audience of Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM).

Earlier, I said to you that I’ve been watching Asia’s Next Top Model season 3. Since it was aired from season 1 and hosted by Nadya Hutagalung, one of the best Indonesian icon and model, I always tried to watch the show. Now that I have cable, there’s just no reason not to watch it. Sadly, Nadya Hutagalung didn’t host the show again, from what I read that the show needs ‘a fresh and younger touch’ so they cast Georgina, a well-known Philippines model (but I didn’t know her before the show) who also have her own business. I think Georgina really nailed it as the host though, so fierce and have a bit bossy but have motherly nature.

Now, honestly I didn’t like Gani at first. I didn’t like the Indonesian models there, but I didn’t hate them. As for Gani, her face feature is very oriental and Asian. All along the show, Gani was always outspoken and said what she means. Her appearance just looks arrogant and intimidating, but maybe that’s just her whole package. I actually was rooting for Monika, her last competitor. But I think somewhere between the top 5 and top 4, I get very into my nationality. The fact that never before an Indonesian got into top 3 before, got me automatically rooting for Gani.

__ayu gani 2
Ayu Gani’s photoshoot for Zalora – one of her winning photos in the show and got her as the Zalora model. Sometimes I saw her in the Zalora catalog and she made the look refreshing

I think seeing how Monika won the most challenges from all models got people (and the Philippines viewer) to think that she must’ve won. Also, the fact that the judges are from Philippines (this I realized later), made Gani seem to have low chance to win. Her lack of tallness (173 is short??) also made her different from the other models. But judges defend her might be the next Kate Moss. But this disadvantage made Gani really work for her minuses and blew the judges away in the final catwalk. In the final episode, you can see how the-usually-confident Gani seemed to lose a bit of her balance since her bestie got eliminated in top 4. Especially, when Monika and the other top 3, Aimee seem to be close to one another. But she got herself together.

When they announce that Gani won, I can’t help but feel proud (and touched ahah). Indonesians should be proud. Gani got to be on the Bazaar cover and get a contract to be one of Storm models.

But apparently, Philippines hated the result because Monika statistically have won challenges more than Gani. And, the fact that judges compliments Gani’s Asian features to be an unfair competition. Me? I might be biased but Gani’s personality is bolder and her whole package very much radiates beautiful Asian. I think she would be a great color internationally. Judges should know more.

Interesting things about Gani

  • Have been bullied as a kid
  • Have won most favorite cover in local magazine, Femina
  • Bonded with another Indonesian competitor on the show, Thalia and Rani
  • About to launch her eyewear brand
  • Apparently, she eats a lot (love this one, so relatable)
  • Funny gal, saw her being the local guest several times
Her other pictures :
Ayu Gani wearing Rani Hatta's line (one of my fave hijaber designer)
Ayu Gani wearing Rani Hatta’s line (one of my fave hijaber designer). Apparently, she loves her design too
Gani with other Indonesian finalists, Thalia and Rani
One of her ‘killer’ photoshoot
Her final ANTM photoshoot
Love this photo, brought another range of her

images from here, here, here, here, here

There you go. So, what do you think about Gani?


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5 thoughts on “Take A Look At : Gani”

  1. Pastinya bangga, soalnya orang Indonesialah yang memenangkan ajang internasional pencarian model ini :hehe. Sayang saya tidak bisa menonton perjuangannya di ajang ini, maklum siaran TV-nya oplosan sih (baca: gratis), jadinya cuma tahu dari berita online dan beberapa blog saja :hehe.

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