Weekly Photo Challenge : Door


This week’s photo challenge is door. One particular door with many characteristics and also speaks Javanese culture I saw on a place called The Plataran in Jakarta. I went to this place with my husband and our brothers to check out wedding venue. When we get there, we couldn’t help but felt awe because the venue was gorgeous. It’s a dream venue for couple who seek for outdoor wedding theme. But sadly, it didn’t fit out budget. If our friend didn’t suggest this place, I wouldn’t have guessed there’s such place so peaceful and beautiful like this in a hectic busy city as Jakarta. Glad I took this picture to remember the beautiful place.

Here’s another angle of the door :


Funny thing is we booked our wedding venue next to this place 😀



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sunglow mama

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Door”

  1. It looks so classic. Untuk pasangan yang bisa menikah di sana, latar fotonya pasti akan ada sentuhan klasik dan Jawa banget ya Mbak, ah tapi di mana pun yang penting kebahagiaan pasangan, background mah tambahan :hihi. Foto yang bagus!

    1. Iya 😦 dapet banget tempatnya hawa romantis dan sakral. Sayangnya mahal sekali huhuhu. Iya yg penting sih sebenarnya kebahagiaan setelah hari pernikahan. Terima kasih!

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