Weekly Photo Challenge : Today Was A Good Day

Participating weekly photo challenge after being absent blogging for a while. Also, trying out Mesh for displaying photo gallery. Turned out great. Please click the arrow right to see all the pictures.

These are the photos I thought would be good for the theme ‘Today Was A Good Day’

Before Sunset : taken in Ancol beach, Jakarta in Ied Fitri holiday this year. It was indeed a good sunny day with me and family. Very crowded. First time I go there during Ied Fitri holiday. A good moment taking air after my father passed away.

Calming Belitung : One good shot of my friend sitting in a beach looking at the Belitung beach that has the same color with her shirt. We both love the trip, very refreshing. Particularly being in that island.

Blooming : Lovely white flowers in the golf course near my mother’s house. It was after we pray on first day Ied Fitri last month. Lovely feeling, sunny day and a great morning.

Laughter : The kids in Ternate sea 5 years ago. They were all laughing happily as I took pictures of them swimming.


Hope you love the gallery! Have a good day


Published by

sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Today Was A Good Day”

  1. Lovely photos! Belitung has beautiful and unique beaches, I’m so grateful that I’ve had experiences in those beaches :hehe. But sunset in Jakarta is also beautiful–I think every sunset has its beauty. Great gallery with good photos, I love it!

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