Happy International Coffee Day


1st October is International Coffee Day, so Happy Coffee Day!

I’ve always been a tea person until I got influenced by my hubby’s love for coffee. Though tea usually give me comfort and peace, but coffee have different character. Not all day I wake up in a ‘fit’ mind, so sometimes I hope I can be my better self by drinking coffee. Some days, it has helped me unexpectedly. Other days, I was just too exhausted that my coffee didn’t have much effect.

I found out that drinking coffee have health benefit (source : Pinterest) :

coffee benefit

Me and hubby loves drinking luwak coffee in the morning. But I don’t dare drinking it on the afternoon like most coffee lovers, since it will prevent me to get sleepy at night.

Here’s my favorite funny coffee quote :

coffee quote


Are you a coffee person? What kind of coffee you like to drink?


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sunglow mama

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4 thoughts on “Happy International Coffee Day”

  1. I love coffee! Usually I drink at least one cup a day, a latte. But sadly my tummy does not.. After being hospitalised last month I’m now forced to be coffee-free while im still on medication! Hikssss 😦

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